Organization of your stay

Happy are those who ask questions

And those who ask them early are even happier. With our help medical tourism will be comfortable and effortless. We will help you plan your stay, so that your visit in a clinic, office and the healing process is your only concern. Diverse accommodation and reservation options will let you stay at a hotel, lodging house or hostel meeting your expectations.

Also you will not have any problems with reaching the right address because we prepared a database of available means of transportation for you. On the other hand you will be able to choose a restaurant accordingly to your culinary preferences from the interesting selection of local restaurants. Polish cuisine is full of surprises, particularly the regional one. You can relax in many ways but we offer you an active rest, and that is why we made sure you could easily learn about sports and recreation facilities.

Hence there is everything what an active tourist might need, gathered in one place. Reservation and getting to know the offer is not time consuming any more. What is left for us to do is to wish you bon voyage and bon appetite :) Medical tourism is pleasant, isn’t it?


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