Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

The Promised Land

Łódź voivodeship among Poles’ is most of all associated with Łódź – the largest agglomeration in the region. The mythical promised land, a cosmopolitan, multicultural city, city of manufacturers and filmmakers. A city of industrial era. This is of course the pride of central Poland but not the only one. It is no mystery that tourists associate the region mainly with the textile industry. Few people know about the well-kept monuments and magnificent nature. Łódź is a region of the most beautiful secessionist and sacral architecture. But truly that is not all yet. It is also a perfect place for playing water sports with thrilling emotions.
”Łódź and water in one sentence?” – you might think, but this is indeed true and you need to discover it! Eighty nature sanctuaries, such as “Groty Nagórzyckie” caves, Blue Springs or mysterious caves in Wieluń Jura should be also associated with the region. And they will if you decide to get to know it better.

Nature monuments

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

The province is notorious for large number of nature monuments. There are nearly four thousand. About ninety per cent of them are trees. The rest are glacial erratics, crags, grottos and caves. Nature monuments can be recommended not only to dendrologists. In Zawady village for example there is the second largest glacial erratic in Poland, worth taking a look at: twelve-meters long, eight and a half-meters wide and three-meters high! The giant makes a fabulous impression and makes a great photographer’s trophy as a monument of inanimate nature. A significant part of it has been chopped off for construction purposes.

Castles and even manors

Łódź is a land of castles, although they are just ruins nowadays, but still numerous, as there are twenty eight of them. You should see a very well-kept castle in Uniejów with a characteristic round tower, twenty five-meters high and nine meters in diameter. There are residues of castle in Bąkowa Góra, situated on the hill offering a stunning view on Pilica valley. There is a very big number of manors, as many as one hundred ten. Apart from the castles ruins they are another architectural attraction of Łódź land.

Water basins

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Water sports lovers will be satisfied as well. On scorching, sunny days you can have fun on Sulejów water basin or in Cieszanowice, Słok, on Widawa river. The curious might be interested in the fact that there are as many as fifteen water basins in Łódź region. Very picturesque and worth having a look at. Not only from the point of view of bathing, but for aesthetical reasons as well.

After having a rest and your adrenaline has dropped a bit you can finish the sightseeing in this region. Especially worth a look at are the collegiate in Tuma, churches in Żarnów and Inowłódz as well as the abbey in Sulejów. History lovers are recommended to see the castles in Piotrków Trybunalski and Łęczyca. You should also find a minute for Opoczno and Łowicz – you will come across some beautiful folklore traditions.

You have nothing, I have nothing… we will build Łódź

Of course you cannot miss Łódź, the city itself, while in province. It is such a diversified city, of a magnetic aura, where business mixes with art, old with new, opportunities with falls. During the times of People’s Republic of Poland Łódź was the capital of Polish film industry with its worldwide famous film school, nowadays, however, it lost some of its prominence. On the other hand an interest in its potential among cinema gurus like David Lynch gives hope for revival of marvelous traditions. Łódź is a multicultural city. Polish, German and Jewish traditions left the greatest mark on its character, architecture and specific aura. Numerous museums, secessionist tenements, manors and old manufactures are great attractions of the city, which is a symbol of the power of the market and industry. It witnessed many careers following the “from rags to riches” pattern.

Piotrkowska street

Famous promenade in Łódź is a European-scale phenomenon. No other city can be proud of a pedestrian precinct which is that long. Four kilometers with palaces, eclectic and secessionist tenements along the whole street. You can walk, you can ride along on a rickshaw or choose a Trambus. Manufacturers lavished money on making Piotrowska street a symbol of its magnificence. Walking through this beautiful street you should pay a visit to some of the venues, because the only way to experience Łódź’s glory is to visit its most important sites. Of course you can sit in one of many beer gardens, next to Tuwim, salute Reymont, busy with taking his notes. Nonetheless we recommend you to reach houses numbers: 11, 72, 86 and 104. What is waiting for you there, you ask? Believe us, you will not be disappointed.