Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.


Lubusz, without a slightest exaggeration, is called the land of lasek and forests. It encompasses many landscape parks, numerous sanctuaries, moraine hills and inland dunes. Diverse flora and fauna, mild climate and numerous monuments are characteristic for this province. In terms of natural, historic and tourist qualities, well-organized holiday resorts make Lubusz area one of the most interesting and still undiscovered lands by the Lusatian Neisse, Obra, lower Warta and middle Oder, bordering German lands of Brandenburg and Saxony. In geographic and historic sense it is an incredibly interesting location.

Lungs, the green lungs

Lubusz may as well be called „the greek lungs of Poland”, as it is one of the most afforested regions of the country with forests covering half of its territory. Humongous pine forests comprise numerous sanctuaries, national parks and natural landscape complexes. Protected areas constitute up to thirty per cent of voivodeship area. Particularly interesting are: Łagów and Pszczew Landscape Parks and Warta River Mouth National Park. Strongly recommended and worth visiting is part of Drawa National Park. Important nature centers include: Muskau Bend Landscape Park entered into the UNESCO list. It is here, that is to say in parks and sanctuaries of Lubusz land, where we can find up to eight hundred nature monuments, including one of the oldest trees in Poland: an English oak named “Chrobry”, which is over seven hundred fifty years old.

Birds, ornithologists, fish

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Green, hale and hearty Lubusz province is not only one of the least polluted environments. It is also an important ornithological center with the Słońsk sanctuary, inhabited by over two hundred different bird species. In 2001 the sanctuary has been transformed into Vistula River Mouth National Park. Experts from nearly all over the world visit the place to observe and admire the birds. There is also a wildlife park in Świerkocin – one of the few such places in our country. Picturesque landscape parks and sanctuaries are worth visiting by everyone, who arrives in these parts. The Lubusz land comprises a number of tourist qualities. Not only nature lovers will get hooked. Attractions of this region will certainly be appreciated by water sports, active rest and relaxing fishing enthusiasts as well, because Lubusz is not only the land of forests but lakes also. There are several hundreds of them throughout the region. The region overlaps with many canoe trails and numerous lakes and rivers offer many options of water sports. Ideally situated and well-organized holiday resorts, camp sites and tent fields make it possible to pursue various forms of tourism. Apart from playing water sports there are ideal conditions for enthusiasts of “rest-only” stay, fond of forest fruits picking, sunbathing or fishing. Hunting or horse-riding aficionados will be satisfied by hunting and equestrian centers. Lubusz land welcomes people interested in stay at biological regeneration facilities and rehabilitation centers. Numerous cultural and entertainment events are organized in the region, yearly “grape picking” and “Lubuskie Film Summer” among them.

On foot, on foot towards the Templars

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Lovers of hiking will find plenty of options as well. Numerous walking trails, guaranteeing seeing interesting spots and unique monuments, are waiting for them. It is worth setting out on a trip along the trail of Knights Templars and Saint John orders towards the castle in Łagów Lubuski. Łagów, called the Pearl of the Lubusz Land is a small, beautifully situated town, lying between two lakes: Łagowskie and Trześniowskie. Lubusz Land offers a lot also to tourists interested in architecture and history. The most interesting monuments of architecture, like palaces, castles and sacral building are located in Żagań, Kargowa, Międzyrzecz, Łagów and Gościków. While in Ochla you should see the museum of old-times rural building engineering. Another attraction might be a trip to Gościków-Paradyż, which ages ago was the place of settlement of the Order of Cistercians – monks known for being thrifty. XVIth century Cistercian monastery is the destination of many domestic and international tours. Meetings of artists, politicians, scientists and priests are also organized here.


A definite tourist attraction and one of the greatest in Poland at the same time, is Międzyrzecz Fortified Region. Underground system of fortifications, built by Germans during the World War II, compared to the Maginot Line. It consists of several dozens of bunkers connected through underground tunnels, forming a cunning labyrinth. Its length is calculated to be approximately thirty kilometers. Międzyrzecz Fortified Region is open for visitors, who are allowed to walk along several-kilometers long delimited underground trails. A special trail – eleven-kilometers long – is the longest trail of this sort in Poland available for tourists. Additional attraction is one of the greatest bat sanctuaries in Europe. There are about 30 000 of those creatures wintering underground, belonging to twelve different species.