Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.


For some people this is one of the last unpolluted, clean areas in our country – in short this is how Podlaskie can be described. For others this is a true Mecca for ornithologists or just a “European Amazonia”. It is no coincidence that all of those definitions pertain to the nature, because the area can be proud of the greatest and unique diversity of fauna and flora. This is a paradise for soul, eyes, ears and nose. This is where artists come in search for inspiration and relax. A characteristic feature of this region is a stunning nature, unpolluted air and environment conducive to rest, vitality and regeneration. Therefore the best way to tour Podlaskie is on bicycle.

A geographical center of Europe

Now, we are in Suchowola. In 1775 a Polish astronomer Szymon Sobiekrajski calculated that it is exactly here where the lines cutting the length and breadth of Europe cross each other. Many different criteria are taken into account when determining the exact spot. That is why Lithuanians claim, and not without strong arguments, that the center of the continent is located within their territory. Hungarians beg to differ. They believe that the center is located in a German town near Berlin, named Golzow. Hungarian researchers heatedly argue with French, who on the other hand state that the centre is in Kleinmaischeid near Rhine river. Where is the center of Europe then? You need to settle this on your own and visiting a beautiful City Park in Suchowola might help – you will see for yourself what all those scientists are actually quarreling about.

National Parks

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

There are four national parks in this green land: Białowieża, Biebrza, Wigry and Narew. Walking through the forest you can most often come across pine, spruce and fir. Woods constitute twenty nine per cent of the area. This is also where the country-wide famous Białowieża Forest is situated. As interesting is Knyszyn Forest and Augustów Forest. Podlaskie is a paradise for fishing and sailing fans – there are over three hundred lakes, rivers and channels. In winter Podlaskie offers such recreational activities as: iceboating and cross-country skiing in Supraśl, Augustów and Białowieża.

Cultural landscape

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Podlaskie is a cultural and religious melting pot. Interspersing nationalities, creeds and religions. Members of different communities live in symbiosis in cities and towns. In harmony and with buoyancy. Podlaskie has both secular and sacral monuments – the latter being particularly worth seeing. Many of them underscore the cultural diversity of the region and they constitute the legacy of eventful history, what makes them even more appreciable among tourists.

The most prominent health resorts include: