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To know and to understand means to be choose consciously and wisely. Our reader-friendly articles will acquaint you with the most recent medical discoveries and new treatment options. We will provide you with news from the field of medical tourism. Questions about how and where to be treated will not remain unanswered. We encourage you to read our pieces. We encourage you to travel through the paths of medical novelties and highlights.


  • Plastic surgery

    You did everything you could to get back into shape but neither exercise nor diet help? Do not worry- nowadays plastic surgery stands at such an advanced level that seemingly impossible things become achievable. As if by magic stick, you can once again enjoy the flat, firm stomach! »

  • Media about us

    On the 21st Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdroj 7-9th September were raised issues concerning the promotion of Poland through the medical tourism. Medi-Tour as the leader in promoting medical tourism in Poland had the pleasure to share information about health tourism market development in Poland. »

  • Apart from nose they are the most frequent cause of complexes. They happen to be too large, too small, protruding… Ears worry both women and men. Thousands of people yearly undergo otoplasty, a procedure of ear correction. The shape, size and position of ears in relation to the skull are inheritable traits and as such they are impossible to change, even during adolescence. If the nature provided you with a specific appearance of hearing organ you will need to make use of scalpel. »

  • It’s high time to change sanitas per aquam expression – health thanks to water – into sanitas per Polonia – health thanks to Poland! Please, don’t take it as a vain and arrogant brag. The profile of Polish tourism has been a subject to a thorough, you could even say a surprising, metamorphosis in recent years. »

  • Every summer will be a nightmare; every winter will be a nuisance. A visit in a shoe shop will be a failure, a pain will be difficult to handle. The sense of attractiveness will fade and eventually become a history. It is not a prophecy, it is a reality inflicted by civilization upon the prettier part of the world. Shoes are the culprit. Those most feminine, most elegant, most sexy, most liked… Spike heels, boots, pumps… »

  • For people with vision impairments this is a dilemma of Shakespearean sort. You could admit, with just a tiny exaggeration, that it is worthy those ancient tragedies. Every option has its pros and cons. Medical arguments clash with aesthetic ones, practical with financial, cultural (fashion) with personal preferences. What kind of correction and treatment to choose? Glasses – intuitively seem to be the best choice, but hey, there are contact lenses. Yeah, lenses, but the doctor mentioned laser correction, right? »

  • It’s been a while since the world “went crazy” about wrinkle filling. A sense of senescence haunting both women and men and inherent changes in face appearance were reduced with this “miraculous” thing. Indeed we all want to look younger than the calendar indicates. Moreover we want to look healthy and attractive. Wrinkles are neither trendy nor sexy. »

  • Dentistry

    Dental implants every day are becoming more and more popular and available – also in terms of average consumer’s funds, because now you can come to Poland for dental treatment for reasonable price. »