Underappreciated and neglected – this is how Holy Cross Mountains (Świętokrzyskie Mountains), situated in the central part of Kielce-Sandomierz Upland, are frequently described. Their name pertains to ancient times and a history of Bald Mountain (Łysa Góra) monastery (Monastery on Łysa Góra). According to the legend it was here where holy cross relics were kept. We are now in Świętokrzyskie.


Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

The region offers to tourist more than one could think. Let’s start with Dymińskie mountain range, whose microregion is located in Chęciny – a town with ruins of XIIIth century castle. Apart from “a trip to the knights era” it offers a remarkable view to visitors. With appropriate weather you can catch some really distant views with your eye. As for the history you will certainly not get bored in Świętokrzyskie. The history is nearly ubiquitous here, both serious and on a lighter note. From the country as well as from the regional point of view. Here you can visit museums, churches and monasteries. Make sure, however, to spare some time as those are only some of the national legacy to see and photograph. A showcase of the abovementioned history is e.g. the Benedictine monastery built in XIIth century – widely known in Poland for ancient manuscripts: the Holy Cross Sermons and Bald Mountain Chants.

Bald Mountain (Łysa Góra)

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Świętokrzyski National Park is a paradise for those, who love hiking and consider that stunning views compensate for the effort of a trip. Forests mainly consist of firs and beeches, while when walking through the lower layers you will force your way through pine and oak woods, giving a chance to breathe in a different air. Świętokrzyskie Mountains are specific, as their ridges are rubbles. Majority of them can be seen on the Bald Mountain (Łysa Góra) and Łysica. Be extremely careful as walking on them requires a good preparation and a lot of reason, because they might be really dangerous. Mountains have marked hiking trails just like the other parts of Poland – colors are assigned according to their difficulty level. The blue trail starts on a Bald Mountain and ends in Pętkowice. Another trail, the red one, also known as the trail of Edmund Massalski, leads from Gołoszyce to Kuźniaki. These parts of the country are also rich in geologic preserves. What makes those mountains different from the other, you ask? Their most distinct feature are plain valleys and underground trails as well as caves. The caves should be a mandatory part of every trip. The forests here cover twenty seven per cent of the area. They comprise Świętokszyski Forest, Koneckie Forests as well as landscape parks and nature sanctuaries. Świętokrzyskie lands are rich in marbles, limestone and gypsum deposits.

There are also plenty of architectural monuments and old-times industry in Świętokszyskie. Let’s set out on a trip to Kielce, Wiślica or Chęcin – these are perfect places for history lovers. It is worth to mention that museums here are not just naphthalene-smelling chambers – they are just a pure passion and a desire to share the knowledge with tourists. To those in desire for new experiences we can recommend to try operating potter’s wheel and shape a pot by the Paradise Cave (Raj cave) in summer season. Then you can have a sip of medicinal waters in Busko-Zdrój and Solec-Zdrój. Once you do, you will feel better.

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