Medical tourism

In the old days

The popularity of medical tourism is not only a consequence of low-cost airlines, increasing standards of service and decreasing price - it's obvious. Did you know that it has its roots in ancient Greece?
Yes, even then people traveled to improve their health despite limited means of transport. Health resorts are thought to be precursors of this sort of medicine. It could be no one else than Hippocrates himself to become a godfather of this kind of venture. Greeks worshipped a deity, got stronger and enjoyed pleasures in many places regarded as health-friendly.

A little later. In XXIst century, in Poland.

Today medical tourism is a vastly developing branch of economy. Obviously the most popular treatments are procedures from the range of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Medical tourism in Poland has a short history. A phenomenon is getting stronger though, most of all thanks to the enthusiastic Western press, which approvingly describes the range, standard and quality of service available in Poland.

High-tech equipment, nice staff and magnificent medical qualifications are not the only reasons. It is the price what is the key here and it happens to be at least 60-70% lower.

We wait for you in Poland...

…in beautiful, charming resorts, in unique medicinal and environmental conditions. Today it is the professional Polish medical staff, who treats Western tourists by means of the most innovative equipment. This intriguing turn in history is a business opportunity for Polish medical infrastructure as well as tourism. Embracing this trend we offer you a functional tool – an on-line service which will help you plan and organize your stay in our country.

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