Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.


The proximity of Ukraine is apparent whenever you look around. Interspersing cultures form an exceptional cultural melting pot. Lublin voivodeship has been a place of cultural clash for ages: catholic traditions mix with orthodox ones, while Judaist mix with Greek, Armenian or even Tatarian traditions. It is said that Lublin province is beautiful and exotic. Coexistence of languages, nationalities, confessions and cultures forms a colorful cultural landscape; surprising and very diverse. Trinity Chapel in Lublin Castle is a monument of ambiguity of the region, fixed in architectural stone. Gothic cube covered with Ruthanian-Byzantine murals briefly sums up the character of this voivodeship.

With history in the background

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Advanced as well as general history left its mark in the Lublin province. It was here, where Lithuanian-Polish Union was established; it was here, where the best Polish pilots were trained in the “School of Eaglets”; it was here, where the greatest Polish painters were inspired to art work in Kazimierz Dolny. Ultimately, it was here, where the World War II left its mark in the form of extermination camp in Majdanek. In Chełm you will find absolutely exceptional Chalk Tunnels. Lublin province is a region of still well-kept natural environment: two national parks and more than a dozen of landscape parks say it all. Still alive is folk tradition and craftsmanship. Lublin province is a place of delightful nature as well as historic, monumental cities: Lublin, Kazimierz Dolny,Zamość, Puławy, and Chełm.

Geography, because you need to know that…

A large part of the region overlaps Lublin Upland: it emerged during Cretaceous period; it is rich in limestone, silica rocks and chalk. In the neighborhood, to the east of Lublin Upland, there is the Volhynian Upland. To the north there is a plain area of Lublin Polesia and South Podlasie Lowland. It is also here, where one of the most well-known Polish health resorts is located, namely Nałęczów. Its specialty is treatment of heart and circulatory system diseases. Two hundred years of tradition make it one of the oldest and most legendary health resorts. Its microclimate, related to increased air ionization, facilitates reduction of blood pressure and relief in ailments resulting from heart diseases.

The health resort is a facility specialized in treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension and cardiac neuroses. Sienkiewicz, Prus and Stefan Żeromski strongly contributed to popularization of Nałęczów. They appreciated the qualities of the resort while spending there large part of their lives. It was certainly the legend of garden-like town, what attracted there our prosaists. No wonder that those sensitive people were also attracted by beautiful villas with charming names: Highland, Octavia, Bonbon, Paradise, at the Mother’s of God; Spa Park and medicinal properties of waters make Nałęczów a true oasis. Mineral springs and peloid deposits together with mild climate set foundation for creating of the health resort. And its beginnings reach back to 1879!

Horses, horses at the Kazimierz’s city square

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Lublin province is notorious for beautiful Arab horses, bred in stud farms in Janów Podlaski and Białka. It is here, where Rolling Stones, breeders and horse collectors among others come to buy highly valued Polish horses. Worth visiting is Biała Podlaska, second largest city of Lublin voivodeship. Its main attraction is castle complex. A baroque gateway, outhouses and castle chapel make unforgettable impression. Chełm, situated among chalk hills possesses a spectacular attraction. A unique monument of chalk mining is located just underneath the old town of Chełm. It originated as a result of chalk deposits exploitation, which had been run for many ages. Obviously nothing short of a true gem of Lublin province is Kazimierz Dolny. A charming place, full of exceptional architecture, corresponding with nature and the specific climate. Thought-inspiring, calming, peaceful and rest-encouraging.

The most prominent health resorts: