Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine

Information about Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine in Poland

Top Beauty Clinics in Poland:

  • City: Warsaw

    Revival Clinic is a renowned unit specializing in modern, innovative aesthetic medicine, laser therapy, aesthetic and general dermatology, aesthetic and general gynecology, cosmetology, laryngology, surgery, proctology and phlebology. In the clinic, we use the state-of-the-art treatments and beauty procedures based on the latest technology and medical equipment. »

  • City: Świebodzice

    We specialize in face surgery and perform advanced work on the biological regeneration of the whole body. In our center, there are specialists in various fields: surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, sexology, dietetics, hirudotherapy, cosmetology. We possess surgical facilities and professional equipment. »

  • City: Warsaw

    The Elite Laser Therapy and Body Shaping Centre has been offering its customers access to the latest and most effective treatments since 1999. The ELITE clinic, apart from treatments in aesthetic medicine, laser therapy and body shaping, also offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures. The ELITE center also specializes in slimming treatments, cellulite removal, using laser light. »

  • City: Katowice

    It is an outstanding clinic, which always fulfills the highest standards of medical equipment, the design of all the operating theatres and the comfort of patient rooms. Our team of doctors contains experts with crucial clinical experience, implementing the latest medical procedures and taking advantage of scientific breakthroughs in their respected areas of expertise. Our hospital offers a wide range of proven medical services. »

  • City: Poznań

    Milbrandt Aesthetic Medicine Office is located in an attractive location and close proximity to the city center. The aim of our clinic is to provide the highest quality services in the field of aesthetic medicine. We use the highest quality proven technologies of reputable companies, selected based on clinical studies and their own experiences. »

  • City: Warsaw

    The Face and Body Clinic offers a wide range of treatments in esthetic medicine, dermatology and professional cosmetics. We also provide consulting services and create dietary plans to help you lose weight safely and in a healthy way. Everything you need to feel good and look beautiful can be found only here. »

  • City: Czestochowa

    Our modern Medical Center performs surgical procedures in Orthopedics and Traumatology, Neurosurgery, General surgery, Urology and Vascular surgery. We also offer rehabilitation, aesthetic medicine and the Center for Prevention and Treatment of diet-related diseases. We are at the forefront of the most trusted medical institutions in Poland and abroad. »

  • City: Żarki Letnisko / Katowice

    The clinic provides our patients with the highest quality of treatment and comfort, and also discretion and security. Each patient is under continuous medical and nursing care – from the initial consultation through post-operative follow-up. You can choose from many treatment types, including esthetic medicine treatments, laboratory tests and imaging examinations. »

  • City: Katowice

    We are specialized laser liposuction Clinic. We provide minimally invasive procedures without post-operative pain & long-term hospital stay. With the help of our experienced & qualified Specialists you have opportunity to decide what option is the best for you. In our Clinic both the quality of medical services & care are paramount over everything else. »

  • City: Łódź

    Medical Margaret Spa is a modern centre with traditions, the first medical spa, operating on the Łódź market since 1999. The staff are a qualified group of doctors of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology as well as physical therapists and cosmetologists. »

  • City: Polanica-Zdrój

    The Villa includes 16 stylish apartments as well as fully equipped Medical & SPA zone. Thanks to cooperation with an experienced team of aesthetic medicine doctors and a plastic surgeon, Villa Alina offers its guests a full range of treatments in the field of aesthetic surgery and broadly defined aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. »

  • City: Kamien Pomorski

    We help our patients: to improve their appearance - Plastic Surgery,  to reduce the signs of ageing - Aesthetic Medicine, to diagnose and treat – Specialist Clinics. Highly qualified and professional medical personnel apply only well-proven and effective medical procedures. We use materials and implants supplied only by reputable and reliable manufacturers. Breast implants have a lifetime warranty. »

  • City: Wrocław, Cracow, Gdynia

    The expertise, the highest competence and many years’ experience of doctors specialising in aesthetic medicine enable us to offer our Clients world class level procedures. We perform innovative, non-invasive aesthetic treatments on the basis of biologically active collagen and other ANNA PIKURA natural bio-products. »

  • City: Lodz

    We deal with diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and with correction of esthetic defects. With over 10 years of experience in dermatological services, we provide our patients with the best diagnostics and effective treatment.All medical esthetic treatments are performed by specialists in collaboration with a dermatologist, cosmetologist and surgeon. »

  • City: Gdynia

    We offer a comprehensive range of beauty treatments and the HFS hair micropigmentation procedure. We also recommend massage and spa treatments, cosmetic treatment and hairdressing services. We work with hi-tech devices to effectively eliminate beauty problems of the face and body. »

  • City: Katowice

    We perform procedures of treatment and rejuvenation using the newest equipment and technologies. Our Clinic specializes in body shaping as well as face revitalizing. Our highly qualified staff off surgeons, dermatologists, anaesthesiologists, nurses, masseurs and beauticians are friendly and up-to-date with cutting edge technologies. »

  • Krakow | Katowice | Wroclaw

    In our offer, you will find a rich spectrum of treatments related to Anti-Aging and Beauty. Here, you will make your skin young by means of stem cells (Regeneris), you will enlarge and model your lips, remove wrinkles (botox) and lighten up your face by means of medical peelings or microdermabrasion. »

  • City: Kołobrzeg

    Every surgical procedure performed in our clinic is preceded by a visit to a plastic surgery specialist who will help, advise and, if necessary, dispel any doubts. A world-renowned surgeon, professional care after the surgery and the proximity of the nature of Kolobrzeg guarantee a short period of convalescence. »

  •  City: Wroclaw

    Noa Clinic is one of the most modern facilities in Poland which is recognised for modern interiors and high-class equipment. Our staff comprises experienced plastic and general surgeons as well as highly professional cosmetology and dermatology specialists. Noa Clinic is located only a few minutes drive from the Market Square in Wroclaw. »

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