Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Dream lakes

For Poland this region is of historical importance. However maybe the geography is even more important in this case. Let’s see. Majority of the voivodeship is situated within Masurian Lakeland. It comprises: Olsztyn, Mrągowo and Ełk lakelands, the Great Masurian Lakes District and the Masurian Plain. Warmian-Masurian is also called the Land of the Thousand Lakes. Then should one be surprised that tourists from all over the country come here? Universality is good key word: coming here any season you can bet you will have a great time and unforgettable experiences.

The glacier

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Picturesqueness is another perfect word to describe natural, historical, geographical and tourist values of the region. Warmian-Masurian was formed as a result of Baltic Glacial period. The landscape is typically post-glacial but not monotonous as it is cut by rows of moraine ramparts, numerous prominences and hills. To the south there are sandar. What is extraordinary here are forests and their inhabitants. The region comprises several landscape parks, over seventy nature sanctuaries and richness of nature monuments.

Sports and recreational activities

The area is well-prepared for enjoying seasonal sports. You will not be disappointed with an accommodation options either. You can choose between hotels and agritourism facilities often combined with stud farms. Or you can pick one of numerous small and big lodging houses. In summer the most popular activities are obviously water sports and power boating. Hundreds of sailing and canoe trails make it possible for anyone to feel like a sea wolf. In this region you can do something joyful anytime. Those most active are recommended to go canoeing or set out on a bicycle trip. Those little less into sports will be happy as passengers on sailboats while fishers will be delighted with numerous small piers by the lakes. The fish bite well here and you can bet that a zander baked on a camp-fire beats everything you have eaten before. Autumn in Warmian-Masurian has its own symbol: a mushroom. There are plenty of beautiful forests here and the same applies to mushrooms. When you get bored with hacking through the forests you can just switch to horse-riding. Winter season is not a dead season either – you can spend your time enjoying cross-country skiing in a region called Hunchback Masuria (Mazury Garbate) or in Lidzbark Warmiński. You can also pick ice-skating or set out on a sleigh ride.

Archaeological… field

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

It is here, in Elbląg, strictly speaking, where the greatest archaeological field in Europe is located. Gothic and baroque temples as well as fortifications are available for visitors. Masurian monuments are mostly well-kept churches. The most beautiful you can find are in Braniewo, Elbląg and Olsztyn. The greatest attraction will certainly be the visit to castles of the Teutonic Order. Those in Kętrzyn and Nidzica are particularly impressive. In Giżycko you will have a chance to see some well-kept fortifications built in XIXth century. While exploring the area in search for ancient history you need to pop in the museums in Frombork and Olsztyn. A true rarity is Elbląg canal built in XIXth century. It is a European-scale sensation. It connects Elbląg with Ostróda through numerous lakes. It is possible thanks to the use of floodgates and slipways system. If you want to listen to the noise of a battle go to the fields near Grunwald. The museum will certainly spur your imagination. If you want to reach even farther back in history you can just go to Kadyny, where a thousand-year old live oak is situated. Its trunk circumference is eleven meters and its height is just above twenty five meters. To make you able to imagine this size let’s put it this way: take twelve friends of average posture and feel free to enter the hollow inside the tree – you can bet there will be enough place for everyone! We are not finished yet as there is more historical attractions. The last but not least is Wolf’s lair. Which was of course Adolf Hitler’s headquarters. You can find it in Gierłoża near Kętrzyn. To be quite frank Masuria have a lot of assets and if we wanted to discuss every single one of them we would probably run out of space. It’s worth it to explore and travel on your own and follow the traces of history, landscapes and places, where a soothing depth of water will bring you moments of unforgettable relax.

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