Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

The land of freedom

A magic place, symbol of independence and ecology. A mecca for hippies and easy riders. Here your need for adventure will be satisfied, you will meet interesting people and breathe in a totally different air. Because Bieszczady are mythical. An the myth attracts every new generation. You will find plenty of occasions for hiking as well as enjoying water and winter sports. And a contact with undisturbed nature, still wild, unusual rarity these days in Poland. Bieszczadzkie Mountains are a part of the Carpathian bow and their total area is 1560 square kilometers. Characteristic mild slopes, surrounded by green forests and exceptional nature – these are the reasons why some people escape big cities and run here, to this beautiful region. Beech and maple are the most frequently found trees in forests as well as fir and alder. A combination guaranteeing a unique view. Here you can come across many rare plant species, fourty two of which are extremely protected. Walking through the Bieszczady National Park you will see small as well as quite big animals. Bisons, brown bears, wild-boars, wolves and deers. Looking up at towards the sky you can spot a golden eagle, plush, hedge sparrow or mulga parrot. When in a mood for hiking it is recommended to go to Bieszczady Mountains and Beskid Niski – most of signed trails are located there. You will also find landscape parks – Wetlina Landscape Park and San Valley Landscape Park, considered to be among the most beautiful in Poland, are waiting for you. In Beskid Niski go to Jaśliska landscape Park while in Przemyskie Foothills do not forget to Słonne Mountains Landscape Park and Przemysl Foothills Landscape Park.

Solina, a necklace of towns

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Don’t be tricked by appearances however – Subcarpathian voivodeship is a place not only for fauna, flora and wilderness enthusiasts. After getting tired of admiration of local nature and the tourist trails squeeze you to the last drop of sweat you can relax by the Lake Solina. Once there, take a sail-boat, eat some grilled oscypek and take a closer look at the famous Solina Dam. Winter sports fans will not get bored either. In the neighborhood of Ustrzyki Dolne and Ustrzyki Górne, in the town Cisna, there are numerous ski lifts on the slopes of Huczela and Stefkowa. Mountains, truly the greatest attraction of Subcarpathian is not the only one nonetheless. Heading to this region you definitely need to mark on the map towns like: Iwonicz, Jarosław, Krasiczyn, Krosno, Leżajsk, łańcut, Przemyśl, Przeworsk and Sanok. Small towns, with their characteristic atmosphere, pace and local custom and attractions make visitors take a completely different point of view, they bring a new, fresh perspective.

Little churches

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Subcarpathian has also many sacral monuments. To name just a couple, there are e.g. the oldest wooden gothic church in Haczów and an Orthodox church in Komańcza. Łańcut is an absolute must-see among the places to visit. The city, where the notorious Łańcut Castle is located, built by Lubomirskis in XVIIth century. Attraction not only for adults, as the children will certainly like the carriage house and a large collection of horse-drawn vehicles.

The most prominent health resorts include: