About us

Polish medicine is of world class standard. As well as Polish medical tourism. Numerous offices, clinics and hospitals offer service which meets expectations of demanding German, Swedish, British and Italian clients. This is something to be glad about. As well as to be proud and feel secure, because irretrievably gone are the times when some of treatment methods were unavailable in our country.

Hospitable medical tourism in Poland

While treating we wish to acquaint you with our country. Landscape values, the beauty of Polish nature, eventful history, unusual culture. Set of minor and large curiosities hidden in every region, every city and its surroundings, is a wealth we want to show to tourists in the meantime of their treatment.

Being aware of interest in medical tourism we wish to bring both domains together. With our on-line service you will find offers of centers specialized in:

  •  plastic surgery
  •  aesthetic medicine
  •  ophthalmology
  •  in vitro fertilization
  •  stomatology
  •  as well as offers of health and spa resorts


Nothing supports treatment better than a stay in a comfortable hotel, opportunity to rev up your energy in a good restaurant and to see some of local showplaces. Due to number of functions we can be of help for any patient as far as planning the stay is concerned. Our service is designed for tourists from European countries as well as for our fellow countrymen. Let’s enjoy health and medical tourism!