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General information about Milbrandt Aesthetic Medicine Office

Milbrandt Aesthetic Medicine Office is located in an attractive location and close proximity to the city center. The aim of our clinic is to provide the highest quality services in the field of aesthetic medicine. We use the highest quality proven technologies of reputable companies, selected based on clinical studies and their own experiences.

Modern equipment and facilities

Our clinic is equipped with innovative devices that allow for a safe, precise and – most importantly – successful anti-aging treatments. We use the following facilities:

  • Concerto® -  treatment with carbon dioxide, otherwise known as carbosyntheraphy. It is a safe, minimally invasive and clinically proven method used for skin rejuvenation, anti-cellulite, stretch marks, scars, local excesses of fat, loss of skin elasticity, hair loss and impaired circulation.
  • APILUS X-CELL - the device sets a new standard in the field of 100% permanent hair removal by raising the efficiency, speed and comfort of its predecessors to a whole new level.
Facilities for patients:
  • Full discretion – We respect your privacy and individual requirements.
  • Comfortable interiors – You will wait for your visit in a spacious and comfortable waiting room.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and treatment techniques – We use only proven technologies supported by research, which guarantees efficacy and safety.
Milbrandt OlgaM.D. Olga Milbrandt

I am a qualified doctor of aesthetic medicine. I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Poznań University of Medical Sciences. There I am also taking a specialisation in Clinical Oncology at the Oncology Clinic. Aesthetic medicine has been my passion for many years. I honed my skills studying at The Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care in Warsaw. I am a member of the Polish Association of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine and the Polish Society of Clinical Oncology. I am constantly developing my qualifications by taking part in conferences and international congresses. I focus on promoting preventive actions, performing professional aesthetic medical procedures to correct visible defects of the body and preventing the effects of aging. I believe in emphasizing natural beauty and your contentment is the most important to me, which is why I work with the best quality preparations of reputable companies, chosen based on clinical research and my experience. I cordially invite everybody.


Kozikowska EwaEwa Kozikowska

I am a qualified beautician with years of experience. I have not only practical skills, but I have also organised cosmetic trainings and shows. Currently my interests include issues in the field of aesthetic medicine. In our office I take an active part in performing procedures as the assistant of M.D. Olga Milbrandt. Additionally I specialise in treatments like: Derma Fusion Pen, carbosyntheraphy, mesotherapy with the Concerto device. Specialist chemical peels are for me one of the best ways to achieve a youthful appearance and fight off imperfections. The search for innovations and interesting solutions in the subject of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine has dominated my professional life. I focus primarily on promoting preventive and remedial measures as well as the stimulation of natural functions of the skin.


Treatments and pricing


Medical consultation
Price [PLN]
  from 100 zł
Treatment with botulin toxin
Crow's feet from 350 zł
Glabellar wrinkles (mars)
from 175 zł
Horizontal forehead wrinkles from 350 zł
Bruxism ("gnashing of teeth") from 500 zł
Hyperhidrosis (hands, feet) from 2000 zł
Other indications determined after consulting a doctor
(e.g. Nefertiti-neck lifting,the corners of the mouth, etc.)
from 225 zł
Filling and lifting treatments
Hyaluronic acid
from 800 zł
Filling lines and wrinkles
from 800 zł
Enlarging and modeling the mouth
from 800 zł
Reduction of shadows under the eyes / vale of tears
from 800 zł
Non-surgical correction of the nose
from 800 zł
Modeling the shape of the back of the hands
from 800 zł
Modeling the cheeks, contour, oval, V-Lifting, Hydro-Lifting,
youth facial lines reconstruction
from 1600 zł
PDO Threads
from 150 zł
Vampire'face lift (PRP)
face, neck, neckline
from 600 zł
Stimulation, skin renewal

Chemical peels   

almond -lactobionic
from 90 zł
mandelact + argipeel (for bruises and swelling around the eyes)
from 90 zł
lactic acid + DMAE (lifting)
from 150 zł
from 200 zł
from 200 zł
Derma Fusion Pen Microcenthesis (the price for the package with the peeling, anesthesia, medical ampoule and therapeutic compress)
450 zł
The program for discoloration - Melanoout
1200 zł

Mesotherapy with the Concerto device

from 250 zł
body (abdomen, thighs, etc.)

Carbosyntheraphy with the Concerto device

puffiness, dark circles under the eyes
from 150 zł
revitalization of the skin of the face, neck, breasts, body
from 150 zł
excess body fat, cellulite (chin, abdomen, thighs, knees)
from 150 zł
Intralipotherapy - the removal of fat excess (Aqualyx)
chin from 350 zł
stomach from 700 zł
from 500 zł
knee area
from 350 zł
Electroepilation – excessive hairiness (APILUS X-CELL)
Up to 10 minutes 60 zł
Up to 20 minutes 100 zł
Up to 30 minutes 140 zł
Up to 60 minutes 200 zł
Thermocoagulation - dilated capillaries, hemangiomas, imperfections, skin lesions (APILUS X-CELL)
Up to 10 minutes 80 zł
Up to 20 minutes 140 zł
Up to 30 minutes 200 zł

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