• City: Świebodzice

    We specialize in face surgery and perform advanced work on the biological regeneration of the whole body. In our center, there are specialists in various fields: surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, sexology, dietetics, hirudotherapy, cosmetology. We possess surgical facilities and professional equipment.

  • City: Wrocław, Cracow, Gdynia

    The expertise, the highest competence and many years’ experience of doctors specialising in aesthetic medicine enable us to offer our Clients world class level procedures. We perform innovative, non-invasive aesthetic treatments on the basis of biologically active collagen and other ANNA PIKURA natural bio-products.

  • City: Wroclaw | Katowice | Krakow

    In our offer, you will find a rich spectrum of treatments related to Anti-Aging and Beauty. Here, you will make your skin young by means of stem cells (Regeneris), you will enlarge and model your lips, remove wrinkles (botox) and lighten up your face by means of medical peelings or microdermabrasion.

  •  City: Wroclaw

    Noa Clinic is one of the most modern facilities in Poland which is recognised for modern interiors and high-class equipment. Our staff comprises experienced plastic and general surgeons as well as highly professional cosmetology and dermatology specialists. Noa Clinic is located only a few minutes drive from the Market Square in Wroclaw.