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Meritum – Discover the Advantages of Our Facility



Are you looking for a modern and patient-friendly clinic?

Are you concerned with a high quality service?

Do you like to be treated exceptionally?

Meritum Medical Center is able to meet you expectations.

How Do We Help Our Patients?

- we help them to improve their appearance – Plastic Surgery
- we help them to reduce the signs of ageing – Aesthetic Medicine
- we help them to diagnose and treat – Specialist Clinics

Benefits of Having a Surgery at Meritum Medical Center

* Professional medical personnel – highly qualified and professional medical personnel take great care to help the patient recuperate, feel safe and comfortable during his or her stay at the clinic.

* Effective medical procedures – we apply only well-proven and effective medical procedures. This is a guarantee of fast recovery and fitness.

* Safety – the experience of doctors and nurses, modern equipment, own sterilization facility, regular care during patient's stay, cleanliness and hygiene, strict procedures, only selected implants and materials: all these to make the patient safe.

* Modern clinic – the facility has been built and fitted at the top quality standard; no shortcuts or compromises here. The ultimate goal is to offer a high standard and comfort for patients and the staff.

* Friendly anaesthesia – the anaesthesiologist selects the optimum anaesthesia procedure and dose to cause the least possible burden to the body and make it efficient. Effective anaesthesia means no pain and a reduced unpleasant nausea effect.

* Proven materials and implants – we use materials and implants supplied only by reputable and reliable manufacturers. Breast implants have a lifetime warranty.

* Direct flight connection – our regional airport offers services to and from such cities as London, Dublin, Liverpool, Oslo, and Warsaw: all within a two-hour flight. Goleniów/Szczecin Airport (SZZ)

Our Offer

Facial plastic surgery

 Ear correction (otoplasty) PLN 3,500
 Lower eyelid surgery (lower blepharoplasty)
PLN 3,900
 Upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty) PLN 3,500
 Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) PLN 6,500
 Face lift
PLN 12,000
Breast plastic surgery
 Breast augmentation with round implants PLN 12 000
 Breast augmentation with anatomic implants  
PLN 14 000
 Breast lift (mastopexy)    
from PLN 10 000
 Breast lift with implants
from PLN 14 000 to 16 000
 Breast reduction
from PLN 12,000 to 14 000
PLN 6,900
Body contouring
 Liposuction of a selected part of the body from PLN 6,000
 Major abdominoplasty PLN 12 000
 Minor abdominoplasty  
PLN 8 000
Correction of skin defects
 Tattoo removal from PLN 2,000 to 4,000
 Scar removal
from PLN 800 to 5,000
 Birthmark removal
from PLN 350 to 600
 Lipoma removal
from PLN 400 to 2,000
Aesthetic medicine
Wrinkle reduction with botulinum toxin from PLN 500
Wrinkle reduction with hyaluronic acid 0.5 mml PLN 900
1 mml PLN 1,500
Consultation with a plastic surgeon PLN 120
Consultation with a dermatologist (aesthetic medicine) PLN 70

All prices given are approximate and are subject to change. The price of any surgery depends on the scope of the procedure. The final price is determined by the plastic surgeon in consultation with the patient or based on submitted images.

What Do You Get for the Price?

  • a plastic surgery
  • anaesthesia
  • implants (in breast augmentation)
  • one-day stay at the clinic with the care and board (eyelid and ear plastics are out-patient procedures)
  • medicine during your stay in the clinic

Additionally, you can decide to purchase a package at a Wellness & SPA center on the Baltic Sea,
about 10 km from our clinic. Our personnel will be seeing you during your stay at the Wellness & SPA center for follow-up visits. If necessary, the patient can be brought back to the clinic.


Meet Our Specialists

Our specialists are highly qualified personnel with professional approach to the patient, knowledge, skills. They keep perfecting their skills and deepening their knowledge at medical conferences, trainings and at daily work.

Michał Piotrowiak, MD, specialist in plastic surgery

Specializes in breast cosmetic surgery, liposuction, abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty and other procedures in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Gathered extensive experience at residencies and contracts in well-known clinics and hospitals.

Patients value Dr Piotrowiak for his knowledge, skills and attitude to patients.

  • is a member of the Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • holder of an ISAPS certificate in aesthetic surgery (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
  • member of the Polish Society of Burn Treatment

Foreign languages: German, English

Andrzej Różański, MD, specialist in dermatology and venerology

Specializes in aesthetic medicine, in particular in wrinkle reduction by injectable fillers such as hyaluronic acid and the application of botulinum toxin.

  • Member of the Polish Dermatological Society

Janusz Teodorczyk, MD, specialist in anaesthesia and intensive case

Has extensive experience in all types of anaesthesia, both general (narcosis) and local. Administers anaesthetics for all types of surgeries without sleep or with optional light sleep while ensuring a painless procedure in either case. He gained his experience over many years of practice in Poland and abroad (24 years of medical practice in the Netherlands).

Held certificates:

  • registered as specialist in Poland and the Netherlands

Member of:

  • Polish Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
  • Dutch Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care in the Netherlands
  • Society for Control of Chronic Pain in the Netherlands

Foreign languages:English, Dutch, German, Russian


How to Get Qualified for Surgery?

To have a surgery, every patient must be qualified during a consultation with the plastic surgeon. The physician will examine the patient, inform about the course of the procedure, tell about any alternative methods of treatment, inform about any potential risks associated with the procedure and instruct how to prepare for the surgery and how to proceed afterwards.

Schedule your consultation to obtain all necessary information about the procedure.

You can also send us a query about the operation together with your photos. In such a case, the consultation will be held shortly before the surgery during your stay in Kamień Pomorski.

Benefits of a Surgery in the Clinic and Stay at the Wellness&SPA Center

1. Safety

Patients feel safe while having a good time not far from the clinic. They know that the medical personnel of Meritum Medical Center are on stand-by to come in if necessary.

2. Discretion

We respect privacy and individual requirements. Returning home immediately after the procedure, you can attract your friends' and neighbours' attention because of your temporary indisposition. Returning home after a week or two, you feel changed and rested.

3. Follow-up consultation

One week after the surgery, your plastic surgeon assesses the healing process and removes the stitches, if possible.

4. Comfort

Nobody bothers you during recuperation. You do not have to work or prepare food. Others care about your comfort and well-being.

5. Relaxation

Relaxation, peace and rest have a positive effect on the healing process. Your surgeon will suggest which SPA treatments you can and should take advantage of.

6. Climate

The Wellness&SPA center is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, in the middle of a coniferous forest.

7. Company

You can rest accompanied by your relative or friend. You will feel safer and supported.

Attractive location of the clinic and the values of the region

Meritum Medical Center is located in the town of Kamień Pomorski (north-west part of Poland). Kamień Pomorski is a health resort known for its concerts of chamber and organ music in the summer season as well as historical monuments and a sailing marina. The city sits on the shore of picturesque Kamieński Lake, 8 km from the Baltic Sea.

The Charms of Kamień Pomorski

- summer sailing (a beautiful reservoir with a modern marina accommodating 280 sailing boats)
- concerts in a historical church
- two 18-hole golf courses (in Grębowo and Miedzyzdroje)
- Woliński National Park (beautiful views from the shore cliffs, forests and the Polish bison)
- numerous spa resorts with a wealth of wellness procedures
- beautiful nature, forests and Baltic Sea beaches

Six Frequently Asked Questions

1. I live away from the clinic. Can I have a consultation and a surgery on the same day, or do I have to come twice?

Answer: We offer the opportunity to have a consultation on the day of the surgery or the day before. To make this possible, we must first obtain answers about your health status and expectations as well as the images of the areas of the body to be subject to procedure. The patient comes for the consultation and procedure at a scheduled time with the results of his or her medical tests (blood and urine test, USG, X-ray).

2. I live abroad, but in my country I am discouraged from having a surgery in a foreign country. Can you explain that?

Answer: Poland is a member of the EU. We are bound by all the high standards for medical facilities and treatment. Our clinic was established in 2012; it is designed and equipped to meet the top standards and the most stringent regulations. Our specialists are members of medical societies and associations that monitor and oversee their members' high standard of knowledge and skills. Moreover, the cleanness, hygiene and the procedures are regularly audited by the local Sanitary and Epidemiological Station inspectors.

We have satisfied patients from the UK, Ireland, or Norway who have chosen our clinic despite the option of having a similar offer at home.

3. What is the reason for your prices being half the prices of similar procedures in Germany or the UK?

In Western Europe and many major Polish cities, the costs of maintenance and operation of medical facilities are much higher. Such costs as salaries, land, construction, or property tax are much higher in larger metropolitan areas.

Our clinic is located in a small town enjoying the status of a health resort where the unique climate and nature stimulate recovery.

4. How to reach Kamień Pomorski in the easiest way?

The fastest way is by plane - our regional Szczecin/Goleniów Airport (SZZ) is only 50 km away from our location. It offers services to:


It is convenient by car - Kamień Pomorski is not far from the Polish-German border and the shore of the Baltic Sea which offers ferry connections to Sweden and Denmark (from Świnoujście)

It is comfortable by ferry - the port in Świnoujście has a direct service to Sweden (Ystad)

5. Where can I stay after arrival?

The first day after your surgery you will spend in the clinic (some minor procedures are out-patient). Our clients are recommend accommodation in a local spa facility due to the comfort and a high standard of service, and the relaxing sea climate. We can also assist in arranging other accommodation.

We encourage our patients (especially coming from distant places) to stay in our region for at least seven days. At the end of their stay, patients can take advantage of a free post-surgery follow-up visit.

6. Are there any other costs to incur apart from the price of surgery?

- first consultation with your plastic surgeon - PLN 120 (1 follow-up visit after the surgery is free of charge)

- tests before the surgery (e.g. blood and urine tests, USG, X-ray) – a detailed list of necessary tests will be provided to you by e-mail or during your consultation with the plastic surgeon; the cost of such tests may very from PLN 100 to 300

- pressure outfit/specialist bra - PLN 150 -350

- extra day at the clinic - PLN 500

- stay in a spa or hotel from PLN 200/day (depending on the date/season)

Ask About a Quote

To obtain a quote of the surgery and see if it is possible to have it, please send us images of the body part/area which you would like to correct. Please, also specify your age, weight, height and provide contact information. Send this information and images to:

Please, fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation, surgery or get more information.

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