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Makolągwy 21 lok. U2
02-811 Warsaw
Tel.: 0048 882 008 999
E-mail: info@faceandbodyclinic.pl

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 9:00-19:00
Saturday: 9:00-15:00

General information about Face&Body Clinic

The Face and Body Clinic, specializing in esthetic medicine and located in the Ursynów district (Warsaw), offers a wide range of treatments in esthetic medicine, dermatology and professional cosmetics. We also provide consulting services and create dietary plans to help you lose weight safely and in a healthy way. Everything you need to feel good and look beautiful can be found only here. Together with a team of experienced professionals, we will do all it takes to meet your expectations during your stay in our clinic.

What distinguishes Face and Body Clinic?
  • Comfortable rooms – Pleasant, relaxed and friendly atmosphere guaranteed.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and treatment techniques – We use only proven technologies supported by research, which guarantees efficacy and safety.
  • A team of experienced specialists – Our doctors and nutritionists, as well as our trained beauticians and cosmetologists, continually expand their knowledge, which positively influences the quality of treatments and treatment effects.
  • Individual approach – The professionals employed at our clinic would always listen to your suggestions, carry out detailed consultation and adjust the plan of treatments to your needs and expectations. You will receive full information about treatments, their results and costs.
  • The complexity of procedures – We offer a full range of beauty and cosmetic procedures, treatments to shape your body and customized dietary plans.
  • Full discretion – We respect your privacy and individual requirements.
  • Reasonable prices – We offer the highest level of service at competitive prices.
Modern equipment and facilities

Our clinic is equipped with innovative devices that allow for safe, precise and most importantly successful treatment procedures. Our offer includes:

  • BodySculptor exCell+ is a new generation device for the elimination of adipose tissue. It allows to decrease body circumference and reduce cellulite.
  • VACU WELL - A combination of a vacuum capsule and treadmill. The device provides effective weight loss, reduction of cellulite and swelling, and improves physical condition.
  • Venus Freeze - zabiegVENUS FREEZE - A platform for implementing an innovative concept of the latest medical cosmetic procedures for the face and body. This treatment is designed for those who experience the symptoms of skin laxity and loss of dermal firmness.
  • LipoCryo – This device uses the latest cryogenic technologies to eliminate excessive fat from the most difficult areas. Effects: visible reduction of adipose tissue; reduction of thigh, hip and abdomen circumference.
Our Specialists

Chmielewski Robert Jan
MD Robert Jan Chmielewski

Specializes in esthetic medicine


Sołtysiak Marta
MD Marta Sołtysiak

Specializes in the field of dermatology


Kobza Renata
Kobza Renata

A certified beautician

Szewczyk Paulina
Paulina Szewczyk

A certified cosmetologist

Kowalczyk Filip
Filip Kowalczyk



Czajka Michał
Michał Czajka



Treatments and pricing


Medical consultation 120 PLN
Botulinum toxin for wrinkle repair from 500 PLN
Hyaluronic acid wrinkle reduction treatment
from 700 PLN
skin moisturizing treatment (Skinboosters) from 600 PLN
Injection based mesotherapy  - skin rejuvenation and revitalization from 400 PLN
Dermapen (fractional mesotherapy)
from 450 PLN
vampire'face lift (PRP) 700 PLN
PDO sutures First Lift (1 thread) 90 PLN
PDO sutures Barb (1 thread) 500 PLN
Dermamelan treatment - removal of hyperpigmented lesions 1500 PLN
Improving the oval shape of the face, reducing wrinkles
(Radio frequency + multipolar magnetic field) – VENUS Freeze    
from 150 PLN
Closing vessels (IPL)
from 150 PLN
Photorejuvenation from 200 PLN
Aqualyx reduction of adipose tissue (1 ampoule)
400 PLN
Body-shaping treatments reducing adipose tissue  
Body sculptor     ( 30-minute treatment) 150 PLN
Body sculptor - a package of 12,  60-minute treatments 2 500 PLN
Venus Freeze (a single body area) from 200 PLN
Lipo Cryo (1 application) 200 PLN
Lipo Cryo (a package of 14 applications) 1 400 PLN
PhotoNova cryolipolysis, big head (2 applications)  
900 PLN
Vacu well - 1 entrance 20 PLN
Vacu well  a package – 10 entrances 160 PLN
Alidya cellulite treatment (1 ampoule) 300 PLN


We also offer a range of treatments in the field of cosmetics and massage treatments.

The above prices are approximate and may vary depending on the scope of the treatment applied. The cost of treatment is determined individually after the evaluation of skin condition and development of treatment plan.

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