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Prądzyńskiego 103a
93-478 Łódź

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Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 21.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 15.00

General information about Medical Margaret Spa

Medical Margaret Spa is a modern centre with traditions, the first medical spa, operating on the Łódź market since 1999. We are distinguished by over 15 years of experience and our constantly growing group of satisfied patients. The centre is situated in a picturesque green area in Łódź. Distance from the city’s clamour allows us to conduct procedures in a cosy atmosphere. The founder of the clinic is Małgorzata Kowalska, the pioneer of Long-Time-Liner permanent make-up in Łódź. The staff are a qualified group of doctors of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology as well as physical therapists and cosmetologists.

Medical Margaret Spa is a world-class centre, where at the patient’s disposal there are 13 modern doctor’s offices, operating theatres and beauty parlours. The centre also comprises a swimming pool with saunas and hydromassage. As the first clinic in Poland we began to conduct Body-Jet water liposuction with transplantation of own fat to the breasts.

We conduct blepharoplasty in cooperation with a plastic surgeon and an ophthalmologist (ophthalmic plastic surgeon), which allows us to guarantee our patients higher safety. The cooperation with an ophthalmologist allows us to be specialists in the innovative method in the field of permanent make-up, a “line on the mucous membrane, under ophthalmic anaesthesia”. Apart from aesthetic medicine procedures we also offer a number of cosmetological and spa treatments, which are supervised by a dermatologists and organise aqua fitness classes.

Our major aim is to provide the highest level of services within the following specialties:

  • plastic surgery,
  • aesthetic medicine,
  • dermatology,
  • cosmetology,
  • permanent make-up,
  • medical spa & wellness,
  • ophthalmology,
  • gastroenterology, 
  • paediatrics.

We approach each visitor with great care, arranging an individual schedule of procedures because to us, the most important is the patient’s wellbeing.

You are invited to visit Medical Margaret Spa in Łódź.




Pisiera Paweł - plastic surgeon Pisera Paweł - plastic surgeon, M.D.

specialist in plastic surgery

He conducts the following procedures within plastic surgery: blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, correction of auricles, face lift, breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation – implants, breast augmentation – lipomodelling + ADSC, abdominoplasty, liposuction, gynecomastia, scar removal.

Posmykiewicz Michał - general surgeon Posmykiewicz Michał - general surgeon, M.D.

He conducts dermatosurgical procedures (removal of benign and cancerous skin changes) and also removes excess fat tissue with use of Body-Jet water liposuction.



Brocki Maciej - doctor of aesthetic medicine, ophthalmologist Brocki Maciej - doctor of aesthetic medicine, ophthalmologist, M.D.

A certified doctor of aesthetic medicine, a specialist in ophthalmology, Maciej Brocki, M.D., has experience in aesthetic medicine procedures, such as: use of hyaluronic threads, mesotherapy, volumetry, lip augmentation, use of Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, treatment of hyperhidrosis, lipolysis, laser therapy; as well as ophthalmic plastic surgery: blepharoplasty.


Kowalska-Brocka Joanna - specialist in dermatology and venereology, certified doctor of aesthetic medicine Kowalska-Brocka Joanna – doctor of aesthetic medicine, dermatologist, venereologist, M.D.

specialist in dermatology and venereology
certified doctor of aesthetic medicine

A graduate of the Department of Medicine at the Medical University in Łódź. A specialist in dermatology and venereology at Department of   Dermatology, Pediatric and Oncology Dermatology in Łodz . She is a member of the Polish Dermatological Association as well as the Polish Esthetic Medicine Association. She has completed various courses and trainings within esthetic and conservative dermatology as well as the Polish Medical Association Postgraduate School of Esthetic Medicine.

She is an advocate of concomitant therapy, approaching each patient individually and comprehensively. She selects procedures ensuring the most natural effect that will harmonize with the patient’s age, looks and expectations. She attaches particular importance to dermatologic consultations before applying esthetic medicine procedures. She performs dermatoscopic examinations, electrocoagulation procedures (removing benign skin changes), Long Time Liner permanent lip make-up under dental anesthesia as well as esthetic dermatology procedures (laser therapy, lipolysis, mesotherapy, excipients, Botox, sclerotherapy, peelings). She specializes in treatment of acne, rosacea, skin discolorations, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal dermatosis, allergic skin diseases, bacterial and viral skin diseases. Through participation in numerous congresses and trainings in the country and abroad she continues to hone her professional knowledge, introducing new innovative methods within dermatology and esthetic medicine.

She selects  procedures ensuring the most natural effect that will harmonize with the patient’s age, looks and expectations. She attaches particular importance to dermatologic consultations before applying esthetic medicine procedures. She cares for the prevention of aging and this would not change the features of a patient as long as you maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.

Kowalski Adam Kowalski Adam

specialist in massage, endermology and I-lipo

He performs procedures within endermology and I-lipo as well as classic massages with elements of rehabilitation, Thai massages, relaxing massages, hot stone massages and lymphatic drainage.


New at Medical Margaret Spa:


Excimer laser - Schwind AMARIS 500E belongs to the absolute top leading technology in the world . This is confirmed working on it clinicians in all ophthalmology centers.Laser performs correction of vision defects in a range from -12.0 ( myopia ) to +6.0 diopters ( hyperopia ) and spherical diopters to 6.0.


* PDO THREADS, SILHOUETTE – non-operational lift: a new, safe and effective way of correcting skin flaccidity and reducing signs of its ageing.

* LIPORADIOLOGIE VINCI – the newest method guaranteeing the highest effectiveness in body modelling.



* CELLUCARE – excellent cocktail containing three major ingredients: hyaluronic acid, caffeine and trace elements; designed in order to counteract cellulite by modelling the body’s lipostructure.

* EASY TCA AND NANOPEN – innovative treatment of stretchmarks, scars and discolourations.





Doctor consultation 150 PLN 
Breast augmentation
from 8000 to 15000 PLN
Correction of upper eyelids from 3200 PLN 
Correction of lower eyelids from 3800 PLN  
Correction of protruding auricles 3000 PLN
Scar removal od 800 PLN  
Body-Jet water liposuction from 3900 PLN (depending on the body area)



Consultation 250 PLN
Laser vision correction LASEK (operation one eye) 2300 PLN
Laser vision correction LASEK (operation both eyes) 4400 PLN
Laser vision correction TRANS-PRK (operation one eye) 2300 PLN
Laser vision correction TRANS- PRK (operation both eyes) 4400 PLN
Laser vision correction EBK (operation one eye) 2300 PLN
ophthalmologist consultation
100 PLN
field of vision examination
40 PLN
upper eyelid plastic surgery
2500 PLN
lower eyelid plastic surgery
3500 PLN
removal of a foreign body from the cornea
80 PLN
age-related macular degeneration treatment
– Lucentis vitreous humour injections
2000 PLN
removal of xanthomas, seborrhoeic warts, fibromas and other changes from the eyelid and orbit areas
from 300 PLN
chalazion removal
500 PLN
removal of pterygium and other changes from the conjunctiva
600 PLN
procedure of unfolding and folding eyelids
from 800 PLN
rinsing the lacrimal duct
80 PLN
stitching wounds
from 200 PLN
lage-related macular degeneration treatment
– Eylea vitreous humour injections
2000 PLN
age-related macular degeneration treatment
– anti-VEGF vitreous humour injections
950 PLN
emergency help
80 PLN
emergency help after 10 PM at 507-162-515
100 PLN


Hyaluronic acid from 480 PLN
Mesotherapy from 350 PLN
Dermal fillers and volumetric facial reshaping
1200 zł  1000 PLN
Skin lift - fractional laser PEARL
from 730 PLN
PDO threads, Silhouette soft  
  PDO -  1 thread
100 PLN
  SILHOUETE SOFT - 1 pair of threads
2800 PLN
Lip augumentation
from 740 PLN
from 290 PLN
Laserotherapy - laser Fraxel
from 600 - 1200 PLN
permanent make-up
from 350 PLN



Medical Margaret Spa is an exclusive centre, where patients may undergo a number of skin rejuvenation and beauty procedures in comfortable interiors. Within the scope of aesthetic medicine we offer our patients laser lift with the American Fraxel Pearl Laser, Varilite capillary removal as well as medical peelings and lipolysis. With use of preparations by proven, well-known companies from all over the world we also conduct lip augmentation and modelling. On our offer one may find treatments utilising Botox, Radiesse as well as mesotherapy and volumetry with application of hyaluronic acid.

Our range of  aesthetic medicine procedures includes utilisation of hyaluronic PDO threads and Silhouette as well. Within plastic surgery we may offer correction of upper and lower eyelids, removal of scars, breast augmentation and Body-Jet water liposuction.

Within dermatosurgery, laser and classic procedures of removal of skin changes of various aetiology are performed, including dermatosurgical procedures in children and adults under topical anaesthesia. Each skin change is examined by the doctor macroscopically, palpationally and by means of a dermascope. Then the specialist selects an appropriate method for the patient. We have at our disposal an operating theatre and high-class medical equipment for removal of benign skin changes by means of electrocoagulation and lasers. In case of skin changes requiring traditional surgical removal we offer a possibility of histopathological examination. On our offer there are procedures including removal of birthmarks, warts, viral warts, seborrhoeic warts and cancerous changes.

We are specialists in Conture Long-Time Liner permanent make-up and professional extension of eyelashes. Our offer for body slimming and cellulite reducing procedures is varied and includes LipoRadiologie and Endermologie as well as lymphatic drainage with use of the Slyde-Styler.

Our patients may avail themselves of the combined therapy and undergo a number of procedures with use of exclusive cosmetics, go to the sauna or the swimming pool. We also offer Scotch douches, aqua aerobics and a variety of massages (including classic, slimming and stone massage).

What do we treat?

At our clinic we deal not only with correcting imperfections and improving the appearance of our visitors – we also help them overcome complexes connected with various diseases by providing doctor’s advice within dermatological diseases in children and adults, helping patients with common acne and rosacea, seborrhoeic dermatosis, psoriasis, skin mycosis, viral and bacterial diseases as well as skin allergies.

By means of combined therapies with use of procedural methods and pharmacotherapy we also treat hair diseases. We help patients overcome complexes connected with various skin diseases, including hyperhidrosis, stretchmarks as well as discolourations, which are removed with preparations Cosmelan and Amelania.

At Medical Margaret Spa we also treat topical adiposity by means of Body-Jet water liposuction and correct drooping upper and lower eyelids with use of precise ophthalmic plastic surgeries. We also provide non-surgical treatment of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid preparations by world-renowned companies. Patients requiring ophthalmic treatment are invited as well.

Autorefractometry and computer perimetry are conducted at our centre. We also offer examination of the front part of the eye, the fundus oculi and measurement of the intraocular pressure. Removal of chalazion, fibromas, cysts or xanthomas from eyelids is performed and treatment of age-related macular degeneration by means of Lucentis vitreous humour injections is provided. Within the offered services we also help select soft contact lenses and glasses.

Doctors at Medical Margaret Spa

Our medical team is composed of excellently qualified specialists in plastic surgery, dermatology and ophthalmology as well as cosmetology and physical therapy. We consequently improve our competences by completing consequent trainings and congresses, which is confirmed with numerous diplomas and certificates entitling us to apply innovative procedural methods. We provide our patients with comprehensive care and high-quality services in the comfortable interiors of our clinic.

Aesthetic medicine procedures are conducted by a certified doctor of aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing, Maciej Brocki – a specialist ophthalmologist. He is a graduate of the Polish Medical Association Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine and belongs to the Polish Ophthalmologist Association and the Polish Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine Association.

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, is the specialty of Paweł Pisera, M.D., an acclaimed plastic surgeon. The procedures he offers include Body-Jet water liposuction, breast, eyelid and ear surgeries, among others. He also performs gynecomastia, abdominoplasty and rejuvenating procedures by means of face-lift.

Another member of the team is Joanna Kowalska-Brocka, M.D., a specialist in dermatology and venereology, systematically improving her qualifications during courses and trainings. She performs dermatosurgical procedures as well as provides treatment within aesthetic medicine as she is a certified doctor in this field.

Surgical procedures are conducted by Michał Posmykiewicz, M.D., a surgeon. He has a certificate entitling him to perform Body-Jet water liposuction and has also completed specialist training within liposuction. Member of the Association of Polish Surgeons.

Adam Kowalski is a specialist in massage, endermology and liporadiology.

Katarzyna Hałaczkiewicz, a specialist in liporadiology, endermology and High Care Center cellulite therapy, works with us as well.

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Medical Margaret Spa on the map

Our centre is located in a picturesque, green area in Łódź. Distance from the crowded and loud centre allows us to perform procedures in a cosy atmosphere, however, at the same time, it is easy to reach any location in the city. One can find the nearest bus stop in only 15 minutes, while a drive to the railway station takes about 10 minutes, just like to the bus station (both are c. 5.5 km away). Patients from outside the city or the country may easily reach Władysław Reymont Airport, as it is situated only c. 1 km from our centre.

Visitors at our clinic are eager to use this opportunity to see tourist attractions of Łódź. The city can pride itself on numerous monuments, among which one may enumerate the Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral, monuments on Piotrkowska Street and Izrael Poznański’s Palace (a 19th century palace called “the Łódź Louvre”). The greatest attractions of the city include Manufaktura, which is the most impressive trade, service and entertainment centre in Europe.