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Adama Branickiego 10 lok. 118
Tel: 0048 22 241 48 29
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General information about Revival Clinic

Revival Clinic is a renowned unit specializing in modern, innovative aesthetic medicine, laser therapy, aesthetic and general dermatology, aesthetic and general gynecology, cosmetology, laryngology, surgery, proctology and phlebology. In the clinic, we use the state-of-the-art treatments and beauty procedures based on the latest technology and medical equipment. The patients who choose our clinic trust themselves to the best specialists.

Our philosophy is based on a conscious, individual and comprehensive approach to each patient. Their needs and concerns are of paramount importance to us, therefore, we closely cooperate with them to develop the best plan and treatment for their diagnosed ailments.

Our patients feel very comfortable here.

We own the best equipment currently available on the market:

  • Fotona Spectro Sp Laser - one of the most modern lasers in the world.
  • Body Jet - a device for making one of the most effective types of liposuction - WAL liposuction
  • Jett Plasma Medical - a medical device used to treat and remove many skin lesions
  • Excys Lamp - it is used for the treatment of such chronic diseases as vitiligo, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, plaque alopecia, mycosis and lichen planus, hypopigmentation of stretch marks and scars.
  • Exilis Elite- the device enables dramatic improvement of the skin density, reduction of flabby skin, adipose tissue and cellulite.
  • Vanquish - thanks to this device, we can reduce the amount of local fatty tissue from the abdominal area (up to 2-3 cm after 1 treatment), hips, shoulders, thighs or buttocks.
  • Eat Skinshock - its function is non-invasive reduction of such skin unevenness as: cellulite, stretch marks, scars. The purpose of the treatment is to nourish, oxygenate and regenerate the skin to reduce the visibility of imperfections.
  • Lymphastim - the device uses the principle of sequential compression massage. The effects include: reduction of swelling, reduction of cellulite, detoxication of the body, nutrition and skin elasticity.
  • Protege Intima - the device enables non-invasive labioplasty and improves sexual satisfaction. Effects: reduction and improvement of the shape of the labia, improvement of sexual satisfaction, firming and rejuvenation of the skin of the intimate area.
  • Linscan - this is the world's only diode laser for rapid hair removal. Effects: smooth skin without hair.
  • Body Health - an unusual device used to perform vacuum massage that enables getting rid of cellulite, shaping the silhouette, as well as smoothest and nourishes the skin
  • Dermaoxy - this treatment involves the injection of active substances (e.g., snake venom or hyaluronic acid extract) into deep layers of the skin using pure oxygen. The effect of the treatment is moisturizing and nourishing of the skin, as well as reducing fine wrinkles.
  • DermaPen - the device improves the skin density and elasticity, improves its nourishment, reduces acne scars, stretch marks, and reduces discoloration.

Aesthetic medicine & dermatology

Silhouette soft lifting threads
Wrinkle fillers
Lip enlargement
Needle mesotherapy
REGENERIS platelet rich plasma
TCA peeling
RF Lifting
Hyaluronic acid
Sculptra - polylactic acid
Jett Plasma Medical face lifting

Regenerative medicine

Plate rich plasma
Genvisc Plus
Therapy with stem cells
Unistation in orthopedics

Aesthetic gynecology

Vaginal revitalization
Firming of labia
Labia tightening
Treatment of urinary incontinence
G magnification
Whitening of the labia and the intimate area

Laser therapy

NEW FOTONA Endolifting 4D
NEW LINSCAN laser epilation
Laser vascular closure
Laser removal of scars and stretch marks
Laser acne treatment
Photorejuvenation of the skin
3D fractionation
Laser rejuvenation with the Smooth effect
Laser hair removal
Treatment of nail fungus
PIANO mode - rapid tissue regeneration
Laser lipolysis
Treatment of hyperhidrosis
Removing hemorrhoids
Laser removal of discoloration
Dermatological procedures
Resurfacing and laser peels


Body Jet water liposuction
Water WAL liposuction


Nasal obstruction, hay fever, nasal rhinitis
Coagulation of blood vessels with nose bleeds
Cryptolysis of the tonsils of the palate
Laser evaporation of tonsil crypts


Surgical procedures

Treatment of non-operative defects and diseases of veins
Vascular Doppler ultrasound examination
Closure of the vessels of venectasia and telangiectasia
Local excision of varicose veins
Treatment of wounds of venous origin
Treatment of varicose veins with a laser
Foam sclerotherapy
Cutting out lesions
Ingrown nail plastic surgery
Plastic surgery of ear flap
Puncture (hematoma, cyst, joint)
Laser removal of skin lesions
Treatment of overgrown scars and keloids


Non-surgical hemorrhoids treatment
Laser treatment of hemorrhoids
Genital warts
Lesions in the anus and rectum

Snoring treatment

Non-invasive snoring treatment - NightLase™


Face treatments
Body treatments
Permanent makeup
Treatments for men

Body modeling

NEW VANQUISH fat reduction
NEW LYMPHASTIM compressive massage
Endermo Masage
EAT™ SkinShock

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