Sanitas Per Polonia

It’s high time to change sanitas per aquam expression – health thanks to water – into sanitas per Polonia – health thanks to Poland! Please, don’t take it as a vain and arrogant brag. The profile of Polish tourism has been a subject to a thorough, you could even say a surprising, metamorphosis in recent years. A country which used to offer a frolicsome, motley tourism based on bad-taste folklore is becoming a center of health, biological regeneration, aesthetic medicine and high-quality relax! In brief, we are getting specialized. Italians have beautiful, thousand-year old cities, mountains and beautiful women. French have an exquisite culture, cuisine, unparalleled monuments, but it is Poland, who has places famous for conditions conducive to health and beauty.

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

Our watering places, spas, wellness and health resorts are at the world-class level and they’re eligible to compete with the elite in this field. Travels in search for places conducive to rest and beauty have been practiced since ancient times. People traveled in search for waters of special properties. Today we look for other things. A comfortable hotel, located in picturesque natural surroundings, a bit of luxury – these will do today. The latter usually means a beauty parlor with a range of services, professional staff and the most innovative preparations. You also mustn’t miss a visit to the aesthetician’s, a massage salon or a fitness club. You can find them all in Poland.

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.


The name is a combination of words: „well being” and „fitness”. Good mood, great shape, a healthy spirit in a healthy body! The word has already nested in Polish language, it often appears during conversations, because we regularly use wellness centers, as a sort of relax stations. However this is not just a local, Polish trend. Wellness is becoming a significant part of Polish tourism industry. Significant enough to have dedicated trade events and web services. The branch is apparently developing and more and more daringly directs its offer to rich and European tourists avid for this sort of attractions. “The Old Europe” needs biological regeneration! And it just finds it in Poland. Polish tourism industry with its sights set on wellness tourism takes advantage of new trends. Let’s have a look at what’s on top right now.

A forethought

It is easy to be wise after the event, the old saying goes. But not when health and beauty is the case! In that department the latest commandment says: it’s better to prevent than mollify. Before things get heavy and hard to reverse the specialists advise to forestall the facts. Clients consciously ask questions about options, seek a specific long-term strategy, want to take care of themselves when apparently there is no need to do it yet. Those far-sighted are thus offered to relax, get rid of stress and have a thorough rest. There is also a novelty, a Turkish bath ritual of mysterious name Hamam. Indeed, an unusual experience. Four elements: water, earth, fire and air. Body and mind are equally important to it. It combines a bath and aromatherapy, it uses light and heat. It’s deeply relaxing.

An electronic SPA

Undoubtedly the branch conquered the Internet and thanks to it wins new clients. Through websites we speak, we speak in many languages and we speak the most effective language in the world: it is called price! We’re communicative, innovative, we are close. Internet became the medium of wellness tourism.

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.


Aesthetic medicine includes elements of SPA and wellness in its offer, the latter getting friendly with fitness. Increasing number of specialists of various medical disciplines offers advice at biological regeneration and active rest centers. Today the hospital, fitness, SPA and beauty parlor routes cross and form an integrated health, nursing and cleansing center.

We travel in search for pleasures for body and soul. Vacation is to be an occasion for a thorough calming and recapture of energetic harmony. General diagnostics or cosmetic procedures undergone on this occasion complement the feel of well-organized vacation. Poland is becoming an eagerly chosen destination of those travels, because we offer all the innovations at surprising prices.