Tummy tuck - when diet and exercises fail

You did everything you could to get back into shape but neither exercise nor diet help?

Do not worry- nowadays plastic surgery stands at such an advanced level that seemingly impossible things become achievable. As if by magic stick, you can once again enjoy the flat, firm stomach! If you suffer from the excess of abdominal fat that create a skin-fold you may qualify for a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), through which weakened or separated muscles that cause the stomach to be flabby will become smooth and tense.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) cosmetic surgery in Poland

We offer several surgical and nonsurgical options.  Some of them are presented below:

✔ FULL Abdominoplasty

The treatment is performed by one of several types of incisions(depends on the surgeon’s decision) above the pubic symphysis, so that the scar is the most hidden. Next- the skin-fold fat is separated from the abdominal fascia up to the costal arch. This allows to slide down the skin to the maximum, and after appropriate tensioning – remove unnecessary excess, along with possible stretch marks and scars remaining after previous operations (like c-section or appendix).  Prior to that, the incision is made around the navel, in the way that it remains in place and at the end of the treatment it is sewn into a new position, but at the same height as before.

✔ MINI-Abdominoplasty

This procedure involves performing a standard or narrower incision above the pubic symphysis and dissection only to the navel and the removal of excess skin, keeping the navel at the current location. This variant of the procedure is applied in patients whose excess skin and fat located below the navel.


For patients who are struggling only with postpartum stretch marks fractional laser eCO2 seem to be a good solution. The result of this type of therapy is full regeneration of the skin, scars and stretch marks removal, skin smoothing and thickening. The first results are visible after 3 days of treatment and complete recovery takes 7 – 10 days.

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