Implantologic treatment - dental implants in Poland

Gaps in the keyboard in fact preclude you from playing the piano. And always make a bad impression. Similarly, lacking teeth make it impossible to live a fully comfortable life. They happen to be the cause of complexes and take one’s joy of life away. Not only the shame and aesthetical reasons play their part in this case. Health trouble, difficult food consumption and many other discomforts bother people who lost their own teeth. Stomatology has been handling this problem for decades but never came up with a fully satisfying solution. Due to the fast advances in science and technology an implantologic treatment approaches a nearly flawless solution. It has advantages lacked by traditional solutions while it lacks disadvantages which traditional solutions have and always will. Are we dealing with an ideal method? Not yet but it seems that we are just about to.

Dental implant

Dental implant

Dental implants every day are becoming more and more popular and available – also in terms of average consumer’s funds, because now you can come to Poland for dental treatment for reasonable price. A mean price of implantation of one tooth is approximately three thousand zlotys. Is it extortionate? Not quite. If you add up all the expenses for regular visits at the dentist’s, costs of treatment of complications resulting from teeth loss together with personal costs, the price occurs not to be so high. Let’s face it. Hitherto used methods, although less expensive, lack so many advantages of implantologic treatment. What are implants? They are eight to sixteen millimeters long. Two to six milimeters thick. Usually they are made of titan, exceptionally durable and biocompatible material. It does not induce allergic reactions and its presence in body is absolutely neutral to it, and thus totally safe. Implant is a screw placed in a previously drilled hole in the bone of a patient. What’s important is that implantation does not require grinding of neighboring teeth.

Right now, you’re certainly wondering if that hurts. Well, it doesn’t! The procedure is carried out with a local anaesthetic, so the patient actually feels nothing. A specialized surgeon or periodontologist will make sure to operate quickly, efficiently and indeed painlessly. Almost everyone associates a visit at the dentist’s with Dantesque scenes and pain… Stop! In case of this method keep your imagination on a tight leash as there’s no need to worry. Contemporary Stomatology is far from its beginning, when indeed every procedure was painful. Implantation does not carry this risk. Four to six months after the procedure, when an implant is totally integrated with the bone, is the time for a prosthetician to do his job. Depending on the case and specific needs he will offer you to try a crown, bridge or prosthesis.

Restore your smile with dental implants

Restore your smile with dental implants

Benefits of implantologic treatment are both medicinal and personal. Most of all implants prevent diseases resulting form teeth loss and protect from damages. They affect the speech organ as teeth loss change the tone and timbre of your voice, sometimes in a very awkward way. Meals become pleasant again, you no longer have to worry about what and how you eat. Hygiene, so important in terms of staying healthy and good-looking, is also much easier with implants. In contrary to other methods, implants are very stable and durable. They are easy to clean and bring your teeth their magnificent look back. Healthy, white. It is assessed that effectiveness of the method is close one hundred per cent. Only one out of forty implantations results in rejection.

Implants are matched to the color and shape of natural teeth. They ideally fit your own teeth and don’t stand out. You can feel them as well. What’s important is that they bring your self-confidence back and eating or drinking is no longer embarrassing. It’s an important element because implantologic treatment has a psychological effect. It’s difficult to overestimate. The look, health and comfort – this is exactly what implants are, an innovative way of treatment and improvement of quality of life.

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