Here you go, ear plastic surgery – otoplasty

Apart from nose they are the most frequent cause of complexes. They happen to be too large, too small, protruding… Ears worry both women and men. Thousands of people yearly undergo otoplasty, a procedure of ear correction. The shape, size and position of ears in relation to the skull are inheritable traits and as such they are impossible to change, even during adolescence. If the nature provided you with a specific appearance of hearing organ you will need to make use of scalpel. Those fearful may calm down as this is neither complex nor very painful surgery.

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Not to be like Dumbo

Nature’s generosity as far as ears are concerned pleases no one. If you are affected you need to visit a specialized clinic of plastic surgery and be preliminarily interviewed by the surgeon or otolaryngologist. Today we are not forced to accept our fate and live with various, hardly funny nicknames. Even the ancients underwent correctional surgeries of this organ. Otoplasty is thought to have originated in ancient India, where Sushruta was a probable precursor of ear reconstruction. Ears with aesthetic imperfections are a problem of every fifth man and every sixth woman on average. All of them suffer a real torment deep inside. Children and peers sometimes seriously contribute to this. The case is not lost however and doe not require maturity. Ear correction is a procedure available even for very young people – 6 is the minimum age to undergo the surgery. Remember that otoplasty is a surgery and as such it always carries some risk. However slender in this case, it has to be taken into account; therefore you should undergo the procedure in a renowned and well-known plastic surgery clinic.

The effect is durable and it makes the best compensation for financial and physical effort. Prices of ear correction are not extortionate. They are between two to four thousand zlotys. It depends on the surgery difficulty level. It is carried out with local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain. Wound healing and stitches removal are usually done six to ten days after surgery. Post-operative pain is impossible to eliminate but contemporary pharmacology is powerful enough to handle it effectively. In order to quickly recover and regain perfect physical condition you need to follow some basic rules. Ears mustn’t be exposed to low or high temperatures and strong wind. You need to have some rest, doing any sports is not recommended, unless you feel like playing chess or bridge.

Quick mood change

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

The procedure itself does not take more than several hours, including preparations of a patient for the surgery. The surgery itself rarely lasts more than sixty minutes. It’s comparable to a school lesson including a break, so for children it is a moderately long time. For experienced surgeons it is obviously quite a simple work. Elliptical incision of the rear part of the auricle begins a procedure. Uncovered cartilage is shaped through incisions or amputations of small fragments. There is no need to worry, however, that getting rid of protruding ears will earn you a scar resembling the status ante. Necessary incisions will be hidden by skin folds.

Among all the practiced plastic surgery procedures, otoplasty belongs to those simplest and the least risky. Effects rarely differ from intentions and solutions offered to patients before a procedure. While e.g. breast surgeries sometimes leave ladies in doubt, corrected ears immediately improve the mood and self-esteem. Low price, minimum risk and psychological effect convince many people. It is easy to get convinced, because it is worth it to win high spirits for good.