Wrinkles, which are not visible

It’s been a while since the world “went crazy” about wrinkle filling. A sense of senescence haunting both women and men and inherent changes in face appearance were reduced with this “miraculous” thing. Indeed we all want to look younger than the calendar indicates. Moreover we want to look healthy and attractive. Wrinkles are neither trendy nor sexy. What contemporary medicine has to offer to dismiss an unfavourable, “mature” look? Botox, hyaluronan, baby botox. It is used by women, movie and music stars, businessmen, and show business people.

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

The trend quickly spread from beauty parlors. Today wrinkle filling became a part of the lifestyle. Aesthetic medicine consulting-rooms are visited by tourists who disappear when going on vacation and return younger, healthier and better-looking. Also in Poland this sort of tourism becomes more and more popular. The effect is positively surprising and the discretion of this form is even more motivating to boost your attractiveness.

Let’s start from the beginning. Wrinkles add no charm; therefore wrinkle filling has been practiced for at least two decades. It’s like gap filling. The procedure isn’t very invasive while an effect is immediate. The filling agent is applied into the skin or subcutaneous tissue exactly in the place where wrinkles appeared. It doesn’t take long and it’s actually a painless procedure, thanks to very, very thin needles.


Very popular became procedures involving botox. Botox is nothing else but just a botulinum toxin. It acts on nerve endings or, strictly speaking, rather on their connections. This makes muscles decontract and thus levels the wrinkles. It has been used for leveling of upper face wrinkles. So called mimic wrinkles. However popular, Botox was not flawless. Inadequate amount of this agent made face look unnatural, as it reduced mimical facial movements. Unfortunately, patients who undergone the procedure fell prey to this excess. It took a long time to find an agent possessing botox properties but devoid of its imperfections at the same time. It paid off however, we’ve got an absolute hit: Baby botox. This agent is a milder form which makes it possible to avoid an “overdose” and excess. Many people overdosed on classical agent and the companies prepared a new product with a view to care for their looks. The procedure no longer poses any risk of facial muscles paralysis and the effect is more natural, while face is not so expressive this time. Baby botox prevents new wrinkles. Due to being milder, safer and more effective it quickly gained a group of satisfied and regular users.

For longer than just one night, but shorter than a whole life

Medi-tour Poland. Medical tourism, healism in Poland.

A definite majority of short-acting preparations is based on hyaluronan (also known as hyaluronic acid), a natural element of human body. To give you a clear picture, the acid binds water molecules and thus brings freshness and firmness back to one’s skin. It is a replacement treatment, because while aging of the skin the amount of hyaluronan molecules gradually declines and this causes wrinkles. Additionally wrinkles result from facial mimics and facial expression of emotions. Durability of procedure effects varies among patients but it is assessed to be about one year. Apart from mechanical filling the agent stimulates the skin. It facilitates regeneration and strengthens it. It is recommended for people above the age of 25. It should be used with more care in people older than 55. In their case the effect is less durable, because with age the time of acid’s activity declines. Use of this method is theoretically safe but requires experience. One needs to remember that too superficial injections of hyaluronan create palpable nodules, while too deep does not give visible effect. Moreover even perfectly done procedure does not preclude bruises, resulting from breaking of blood vessels. This method is most frequently used to eliminate “smoker wrinkles” and “lion’s wrinkle”.

Aesthetic medicine is nowadays becoming an ideal response to social trends and changing beauty standards. It lets one keep the good looks, which is synonymous to success but also fosters success. Getting rid of wrinkles is one of the ways to increase your attractiveness. The development of this market field made wrinkle-filling methods available for everyone in terms of price.