Beauty Group Plastic Surgery Clinic

Stanisława Wojciechowskiego 7
71-476 Szczecin

Tel. +48 (0)91 45 40 442
Fax. +48 (0)91 45 40 438
Mobile (Deutsch): +48 510 053 545
Mobile (English):  +48 503 111 068

Beauty Group

The Beauty Group Plastic Surgery Clinic (former Artplastica) - is one of the most popular medical facilities in Poland specializing in plastic, reconstructive surgery and aesthetic medicine. Beauty Group represents world-class specialists who gained their experience not only in Poland but also abroad. The clinic is located in one of the most beautiful residential areas of Szczecin, in the favourable microclimate of the nearby Arkoński Forest. The beautiful surroundings and friendly interiors of our clinic ensure needed rest and relaxation during recovery.


Plastic Surgery

• Breast Enlargement

• Breast Uplift

• Breast Reduction

• Gynecomastia

• Facelift

• Neck Lift

• Nose Surgery

• Eyelid Correction

• Ear Correction

• Arm Lift

• Thigh Lift

• Labial Reduction

• Liposuction

• Tummy Tuck

Cosmetic Treatments

• Laser Therapy

• Botulinum Toxin –wrinkle correction, migraines, hyperhidrosis

• Hyaluronic Acid - lip augmentation, wrinkle correction, volumetry

General Surgery

• Hernia Repair

Aesthetic Phlebology

• Varicose Veins

• Hemorrhoids

Laryngological procedures

• Septoplasty

• Turbinate Reduction

• Tonsilectomy

• Uvulopalatoplasty

• Laser treatment for snoring


Our clinic employs only the highest quality medical staff with qualifications proved by scientific diplomas and certificates. All our plastic surgeons have a second degree of specialization in plastic surgery, are members of The Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and international scientific societies.

Consultations in our clinic are held in three languages: Polish, English, and German.  Procedures for health and safety were implemented with patient in mind, whose well being is always put first. We are pleased that our efforts have been appreciated by independent certification companies, but the most valuable reward for us is the satisfaction and comfort of our patients.

Doctors providing their services at the Beauty Group Clinic as part of their own individual medical practices:

M.D. Ph.D. Fabian Urban Plastic Surgeon 

M.D. Piotr Drozdowski - Plastic Surgeon 

M.D. Magdalena Bugaj - Plastic Surgeon 

M.D. Ph.D. Maciej Józefowicz - Surgeon 

M.D. Grzegorz Jamro - Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT)

M.D. Paweł Dec – Hand Surgeon

M.D. Ph.D. Małgorzata Zegan - Anesthesia and Intensive Care Specialist

M.D. Ph.D. Marek Zienkiewicz - Anesthesia and Intensive Care Specialist 

M.D. Ph.D. Wojciech Błaszczyk - Anesthesia and Intensive Care Specialist 

M.D. Marcin Opiłowski - Anesthesia and Intensive Care Specialist 


The clinic has won many prestigious awards and distinctions, providing a high standard of medical service and customer service. The most important ones include the title of "The Quality of the Year" in the "Service of the Year" category, as the best plastic surgery clinic in Poland in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

Another important distinction is "The Satisfied patient 2015" certificate, issued in 2016, confirming the highest standard and quality of medical services provided. The facility also received awards in the "Quality International" program.

Medical Tourism with Beauty Group

Administrative services in the clinic are looked after by fluent Polish, English, and German speaking professional staff.

Airport transfers upon request.

The clinic is just a 1 hour 20 min flight from London and only 140km journey from Berlin. 

24-hour care to all patients under the supervision of qualified medical personnel.

All rooms are equipped with post-operative, high-quality equipment that constantly monitors patient vital signs.

Accommodation in guest section of the clinic for patients and people who accompany them.

Monitored round-the-clock car park.

The Beauty Group Clinic’s reputation is confirmed by many  years on the market. We pride ourselves on the trust and flattering opinions of the thousands of patients satisfied with our services, living in various parts of the world.

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