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Information about dental treatment in Poland


Top Cosmetic Dentistry Clinics in Poland:

  • City: Władysławowo

    Dental clinic in Wladyslawowo exist on the market since 1987.Warranty experience, professional and modern equipment, stabilization and confidence is supported by many years of professional development. We can boast about hundreds of satisfied patients from Poland and abroad. »

  • City: Busko-Zdrój

    The DENTALVITA Private Health Care Centre is a modern clinic offering comprehensive dental services within: dental surgery and implantology, laser dentistry, conservative dentistry, aesthetic and paediatric stomatology, endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics and orthodontics. »

  • City: Cracow

    AlbusDent is a modern dental clinic and X-Ray lab located a 15 minute drive from the John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice. Air-conditioned and modern interiors welcome guests who seek dental care from around the world. Distinguished by a highly qualified medical staff, advanced equipment and materials, the AlbusDent clinic offers dental work at affordable reasonable prices. »

  • City: Gdańsk

    DentiNeo Dental Office offers modern and comfortable dental treatment in Gdańsk in Poland. A fan of dentistry, DDS Adam Bielawski, will provide you with comprehensive dental treatment at the highest level of medical standards. In DentiNeo, patient satisfaction is a priority value. »

  • City: Wroclaw

    The „Dens” company was founded in Wroclaw in 1988. We are a team of specialists in every field of dentistry. We offer top quality dental services based on the highest world standards. Due to this we offer warranty for our treatments. In our offices you will be offered not only a professional service, but also care for your comfort and convenience. »

  • City: Warsaw

    In our comfortable air-conditioned interiors, we offer comprehensive dental care with modern equipment, state-of-the-art treatment techniques and friendly professional staff of specialists. Individual approach to our patients, the highest quality and long-term effects of treatment are all guaranteed. »

  • City: Gdynia

    Gdynia City-based Clinica del Mare operates a variety of dental offices situated in the Sea Towers premises. At Clinica patients receive a complex dental care and treatment procedures which are performed by dentists of recognised reputation within their professional circles. The Clinic guarantees the highest level of care and treatment. »

  • City: Warsaw

    Dental Fraternity Stomatology Center is modern dental clinic in Warsaw. The clinic has a team of experienced doctors, for whom passion and work mean the same thing. In their job they are dedicated to the good of the patients. Our Stomatology Center offers a wide range of dental treatment. You are welcome! »

  • City: Szczecin

    We specialize in maxillofacial surgery, mainly implantology and prosthodontics (prosthetic restorations), and we also provide services in orthodontics, as well as cosmetic, children’s and general dentistry. We want to share the possibilities of modern dentistry and the diverse treatment methods applied at our clinic. »

  • City: Krakow

    Aesthetica Dermadent has been created in order to provide you with beautiful appearance and smile as well as with healthy teeth, gums and the whole oral cavity. Our clinic meets the most strict world′s standards, we use the most modern equipment produced by world-famous companies and we cooperate only with experienced medical personnel. »

  • City: Bielsko Biała

    Ladies and Gentlemen, from the very beginning our modern clinic has been designed and built in compliance with top world standards. The architectural design has been developed by a team of architects and dentists so as to make the building meet the requirements for most modern dental clinics as much as possible. »

  • City: Wroclaw

    The Platinum Dental Clinic offers a variety of dental services including: Implants, Aesthetic dentistry, Prosthetics, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Dental Surgery, Laser Dental Treatment, Conservative and pediatric dentistry. Our clinic guaranties our patients full organization of the whole stay - a transfer,  reservation in a chosen hotel and all day long care on request. »

  • City: Szczecin-Mierzyn

    In our clinic we focus on complex rehabilitation of oral cavity with respect to biology and esthetic requirements. Our clinic is an authorized partner of Astra Tech, renowned Swedish company, which provides a life-time warranty on the implants. We strongly believe that the work of our team can bring many warm and friendly smiles into the life of our patients. »

  • City: Szczecin

    Our friendly office provides you professional counseling concerning treatment and appropriate hygiene of the oral cavity. It is always adjusted to the individual needs and financial abilities of our patients. We offer you a wide variety of dentistry services, for adults as well as for children. »

  • City: Gdańsk

    Miladent is a modern network of high standard  dental and implantology clinics. Our Specialists in different branches of Dentistry and Dermatology provide professional dental care. Miladent works only with the best Dental Laboratories what makes our prosthetics one of the best in Gdańsk. »

  • City: Cracow

    INDEXMEDICA Company has been founded in June 2006. Our objective is to offer a wide range of high quality dental treatment for affordable prices. Our highly qualified medical staff use the most advanced equipment and materials to offer most favourable conditions and premium healthcare. »

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