• City: Szczecin

    We specialize in maxillofacial surgery, mainly implantology and prosthodontics (prosthetic restorations), and we also provide services in orthodontics, as well as cosmetic, children’s and general dentistry. We want to share the possibilities of modern dentistry and the diverse treatment methods applied at our clinic.

  • City: Szczecin-Mierzyn

    In our clinic we focus on complex rehabilitation of oral cavity with respect to biology and esthetic requirements. Our clinic is an authorized partner of Astra Tech, renowned Swedish company, which provides a life-time warranty on the implants. We strongly believe that the work of our team can bring many warm and friendly smiles into the life of our patients.

  • City: Szczecin

    Our friendly office provides you professional counseling concerning treatment and appropriate hygiene of the oral cavity. It is always adjusted to the individual needs and financial abilities of our patients. We offer you a wide variety of dentistry services, for adults as well as for children.