• City: Kamien Pomorski

    We help our patients: to improve their appearance - Plastic Surgery,  to reduce the signs of ageing - Aesthetic Medicine, to diagnose and treat – Specialist Clinics. Highly qualified and professional medical personnel apply only well-proven and effective medical procedures. We use materials and implants supplied only by reputable and reliable manufacturers. Breast implants have a lifetime warranty.

  • City: Szczecin

    The Plastic Surgery Clinic Beauty Group (former Artplastica) is one of the biggest and the most modern private centre specializing in plastic surgery in Poland. We have over 10 years of experience in plastic surgery - around 5000 operations performed, including nearly 2000 breast augumentations alone.

  • City: Kołobrzeg

    Every surgical procedure performed in our clinic is preceded by a visit to a plastic surgery specialist who will help, advise and, if necessary, dispel any doubts. A world-renowned surgeon, professional care after the surgery and the proximity of the nature of Kolobrzeg guarantee a short period of convalescence.