Health Resort Ustroń

Sanatoryjna 7
43-450 Ustroń

tel.: +48 33 856 50 00

CALL CENTER: +48 33 854 54 54

About Przedsiębiorstwo Uzdrowiskowe "Ustroń" S.A.

We have prepared four spa objects for patients visiting Ustroń: "Równica", "Kos", "Narcyz" and "Rosomak". They have a total number of 1325 places in single, double and larger rooms, as well as suites with full sanitary equipment, telephone connection, ground and satellite television.

All the spa objects are fully accessible for the disabled patients. Ustroń specialises in the treatment of :

  • rheumatic and motor organ diseases
  • circulatory diseases
  • nervous system diseases
  • respiratory diseases
  • diabetes
  • obesity

The newly opened Oncological and Limfological Rehabilitation Center "Rosomak" specialises in the rehabilitation of women after mastectomy. During the treatment our patients are provided with  rehabilitation procedures (hydrotherapy, massage, kinesitherapy etc.), Simonton’s psychotherapy, education related to the anti-tumour diet and anti-oedema trainings.

In the spa object "Narcyz" there is the Psychotherapy Center which offers round-the-clock Neurosis Treatment Ward and the Neurosis Treatment Outpatient Clinic.

Apart from above mentioned spa objects, Health Resort Ustroń offers the guests a luxurious, well-equipped WILGA HOTEL. Our *** Hotel has 154 lodging places, with telephones, satellite TV and wireless internet. Some rooms are adapted for the disabled. Our guests have also the hotel lobby with a bar and a fireplace, an exclusive restaurant,a  library, billiards, a gym, a beauty salon and a playground for children at their disposal.   

The central object of the spa district in Ustroń is an ultramodern Natural Medicine Institute. It offers a wide range of kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, balneotherapy, peloidotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments. Brine pools and baths are ideal for reducing the blood pressure, providing better blood supply to the skin and reducing excitability. Mud baths and mud wraps based on our own natural resources have unique anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative features.

Our company has its own diagnostic rooms, where you can carry out heart ultrasonography,  round-the-clock Holter’s EKG, analytic and densitometric examinations.

Offered services and treatments


• individual exercise
• group exercise
• gym
• monitored interval training
• learning to walk correctly and walking exercises
• non-weight bearing exercises
• active exercise with resistance
• individual exercise in water in Hubbard’s tank

• bubble bath
• whirlpool bath
• aromatherapy tub bath
• ozone bath
• underwater massage
• multistream massage
• scotch douche

Electro- and Phototherapy
• iontophoresis
• electroplating
• interdyn
• diadynamic
• electrostimulation
• Trabert currents
• magnetotherapy
• lasertherapy
• ultrasound
• phonophoresis
• sollux lamp
• tonolysis
• polarized light therapy
• TENS currents
• intervac
• four-chamber bath
• galvanic bath

• mud baths and mud wraps
• salt baths
• carbonic acid bath

Brine pool
• gymnastics in the pool
• aqua – aerobic
• swimming pool with access to the sauna 

• therapeutic
• pneumatic-pressure (BOA)
• relaxing – AQUAMED
• lymphatic
• manual lymphatic drainage
• aquavibron 

And much more..
• Local and systemic cryotherapy in a special room with low temperatures
• Inalations – individual, salt, therapeutic, pneumatic
• Kinesiology Taping
• Nordic Walking
• Manual therapy

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