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Plac Rodla 8                    
70-419 Szczecin            
tel.: +48 91 359 44 00
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About BALTICA Wellness & Spa

BALTICA Wellness & Spa is the biggest Health and Beauty Centre in the West-Pomeranian. With over 2000 m2 of floor space Guests will find a fully comprehensive range of beauty treatments, rehabilitation, cosmetic services along with a café and a shop where you can buy luxury cosmetics and spa products

There are the hairdresser’s, florist’s and a cosy Café Baltica on the ground floor.

21st century Rehabilitation

There is a modern rehabilitation centre on the first floor is. Guests are offered a wide range of health treatments such as: magnetotherapy,  electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, laser therapy, light therapy, ultrasound therapy, and inhalation. Innovative therapies and modern equipments will help to achieve incredible results.
Baltica Wellness and Spa also offers a specialist medical advice, so Guests can have direct medical consultation, for example orthopaedics, cardiologist, neurologist, surgeons or dietetics consultation.
Baltica Wellness and Spa has the latest diagnostics equipment: USG, (breast, internal organs, thyroid, heart, Doppler), EKG( Resting EKG, Exercise ECK) as well as densitometer.
Every therapy and treatment is supervised by qualified and experienced physiotherapists, all of whom combine to give a friendly and helpful advice.

Body and Beauty treatments

The second floor is full of treatment rooms suitable for individual treatments (massages, body treatments, face treatments, scrubs, rituals), hydrotherapy world and Wellness Zone – the heart of the Spa.
Heart of the Spa- Wellness Zone- according to Spa philosophy: Sanus per Aquam is a world which offer more than 400 m² of relaxation:  three jacuzzis, Osman Steam Bath, Aroma Bath, Steam Bath, Dry Sauna with magnificent Maximus heating stove, Caldarium, Tepidarium, Snow chamber with a fluffy snow and unique  sensations showers which relieve your senses by aromatherapy and light therapy.

The Wellness zone is complemented by specially designed Spa rooms prepared for oriental rituals: Ritual Rassoul with Moroccan clay and derived from Turkish baths- Hamman ritual.

Spa gift shop  offers a wide range of exclusive and professional French cosmetics and gifts with Baltica Wellness and Spa logo.

We will spend time in Baltica Wellness and Spa making use of individual treatments and specialised

  • for Two (Packages: “Relax for Two” or “Moroccan Adventure”)
  • Wedding packages(“Wedding package For her”, “Wedding Package Lux”)
  • for sportsmen (Cryochamber session combine with training in the fitness room)
  • for dieters (“Slimming Package”, slimming programs with innovative equipment Endermology and no-needle Mesotherapy
  • fitness (Circuit Training- innovative group training)
  • for pregnant women (Exercises and packages suitable for pregnant women)
  • diagnostic and prophylaxis (Resting ECG, Exercise ECG, USG heart - echocardiography, USG Doppler, USG thyroid, USG breasts, USG internal organs)
  • doctor consultations (rehabilitation specialist, orthopaedist, hand surgeon, general surgeon, general and vascular surgeon, general and transplant surgeon, radiographer, doctor of internal medicine - advice on heart conditions, doctor of internal medicine - advice on thyroid conditions, neurologist, rehabilitation specialist)
  • rehabilitation (Cryochamber,  Kinesiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy)

BALTICA Wellness and SPA- within easy reach, in the very centre of Szczecin you will find everything what you need for complete relaxation, wind- down and health with attractive discounts, professional service and with chill out Spa atmosphere.

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We invite you to Baltica Wellness and Spa.

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