Bristol Art & SPA Sanatorium

ul. 1 Maja 1
28-100 Busko-Zdroj
tel.: 0048 41 33 030 33

Bristol Art & SPA

Bristol**** Art & SPA Sanatorium is a newly-built spa complex situated in the very center of Busko-Zdrój, in the immediate vicinity of the Łazienkowski Park. Busko-Zdrój, located in the Świętokrzyskie Province, is famous for its use of healing sulfide water, iodine and bromide water, and therapeutic mud. Utilized for bathing and drinking therapies, these resources act as anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, detoxifying and regenerative agents.

Bristol**** Art & SPA Sanatorium is a harmonious composition of the Art Nouveau villa "Bristol" with modern architecture, as it perfectly combines hotel and restaurant functions with balneology and recreation. It fosters the coexistence of tradition and modernity; the harmony between traditional treatments which use the natural wealth of Busko-Zdrój and the latest technologies in curative methods which are based on high-end medical and rehabilitation equipment.

Every detail, both in the historic and modern parts of the building, was designed with extraordinary attention, and the presence of works of art provides for a unique atmosphere. The blend of flavors from our kitchen is inspired by nature and based on the best-quality products delivered by local suppliers. Our valued team is focused on meeting individual needs and expectations of our guests.

Treatment profiles
  • Rehabilitation of the motor system
  • Rehabilitation after mastectomy
  • Rehabilitation of the spine during pregnancy and after childbirth
  • Medical conditions
    • Orthopedic disorders
    • Rheumatological disorders
    • Neurological disorders
    • Other conditions


  • Balneotherapy
    • Sulfide baths
    • Carbonic acid baths
    • Mud baths
    • Partial mud wraps
    • Sulfide limb baths
  • Kinesitherapy
    • Individual kinesitherapy
    • Manual therapy
    • Group kinesitherapy
    • Group kinesitherapy in the pool
    • Individual kinesitherapy in the pool
  • Thermotherapy
    • Finnish sauna
    • Steam sauna
    • Bio-sauna
    • Infrared sauna
    • Systemic cryotherapy – cryochamber
    • Topical cryotherapy
  • Massage
    • Classic massage
    • Aquavibron vibration massage
    • Hydro Jet – Wellsystem
    • Compression lymphatic drainage
    • Special massage with Chinese bulbs
    • Chinese bulbs
  • Other
    • Inhalations
    • Tanning bed
  • Physiotherapy
    • Q.Light® lamp
    • Lumina lamp
    • Laser therapy (high-energy laser)
    • Shock wave
    • Galvanic current
    • Iontophoresis
    • Electrostimulation
    • Diadynamic electrical current
    • Trabert current
    • TENS   
    • Interfering (Nemec) current
    • Kotz current (Russian stimulation)
    • Magnetronic method
    • Ultrasound therapy


  • Hydrotherapy
    • Automatic underwater massage
    • Cosmetic SPA baths with chromotherapy
    • Aromatic baths with essential oils and chromotherapy
    • Scottish showers
    • Whirlpool massage of the lower limbs and spine
    • Whirlpool massage of the upper limbs
    • Whirlpool massage of the lower limbs and spine with brine baths
    • Whirlpool massage of the upper limbs with brine baths

Medical SPA:

  • Facial treatments
    • Anti-aging treatments
    • Moisturising treatments
    • Treatments for sensitive skin
    • Treatments for the eyes and lips
  • Massages
    • DX-Twin Endermologie (dermo-therapy)
    • Herbal stamp massage
    • Hot stone massage
    • Candle massage
    • Shiatsu massage
  • Eye contouring
    • Eyebrow correction
    • Eyebrow henna tanning
    • Eyelash henna tanning
    • Daytime makeup
    • Evening makeup
  • Hand and Nail care
    • Biological one-color manicure
    • Classic one-color manicure
    • French manicure
    • Hybrid manicure
    • Paraffin treatment
    • Hand care treatment
  • Feet and nail care
    • Classic pedicure
    • French pedicure
    • Hybrid pedicure
    • Feet regeneration treatment
  • Body treatments
    • Peel-Off exfoliating treatment
    • Benessere relaxing treatment
    • Cellulite Out anti-cellulite treatment
    • Slimcell slimming treatment
    • Firming treatment
    • Push Up treatment for the bust and neckline
    • Sushi Body Ceremony firming treatment
    • Gold & Pearls Body Ceremony anti-aging treatment
    • Exotic Coconut Ceremony nourishing treatment
    • GreenZen Ceremony regenerative and moisturizing treatment
    • Kiwi & Citrus moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment
    • Yummy Mummy Ceremony relaxing and nourishing treatment
    • Exfoliation treatments
  • Hair removal
    • Waxing hair removal
    • Hair removal with sugar paste

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information related to available guest packages.

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