Meditour Villa Uroczysko

Wiśniowa 9
67-106 Bobrowniki
Rehabilitation: tel. 0048 68-456-15-56
Accommodation: tel. 0048 68-410-22-02, 0048 608 664 008

Information about Medicare Tour Villa Uroczysko

Villa Uroczysko is a unique place on the tourist map of Polish medicine. On the European market for more than 32 years in the tourism industry 8. Villa Uroczysko located in the picturesque village Bobrowniki in the region Lubuskie, surrounded by ancient oaks and beeches. The surrounding pine forests form a unique microclimate and was honored before the war. Bobrowniki were micro-Spa for local residents. Adds charm curving river Oder with numerous ports and marinas river. The entire plant residence is in the range of almost 2 acre park with numerous paths.

Following the global trends we have a resort is a combination of medical and rehabilitation package created as a novelty joined numerous tourist attractions is included in the price of the apartment. We provide you with advanced medical care and diagnostic expertise, combined with rest and relaxation in beautiful surroundings. We are the only center in Poland organized rehabilitation, together with the diagnosis and treatment of pain. We work with Aldemed Medical Center in Zielona Gora, offering our patients the highest quality of service.


We offer a wide range of services in the form of surface treatment of geriatric diseases, rheumatic and orthopedic and pain. We can also help you deal arthritis, osteoarthritis of the spine or acute rheumatic disease. However, this is only a fraction of what we prepared for you in the field of medical tourism.

Dedicated to the needs of our patients we offer rehabilitation cycle, which take place not less than 6 participants in an organized group numbering, and no more than 10. We inform patients about an organized group. It is possible to choose the length of the cycle: 7 days, 14 days or 21 days. Remember, though, that the best results in rehabilitation after 10 days.

Day Rehabilitation determined as follows:

  • 8.00 Breakfast, discuss the course of the day,
  • 9.00 Departure for Altendorf,
  • 9.30 - 11.30 tour and wine tasting,
  • 12.00 - 13.30 Back to Medi Tour Villa Uroczysko, lunch,
  • 14.00 Medical treatment, rehabilitation, cryotherapy, etc.
  • 19.00 Return to the resort, dining, leisure.

In his spare time, we recommend that you take advantage of the classes aerobics, fitness and Nordic walking. Our extensive range of healing, you will find, among other things, treatments in a salt cave in the cryo-chamber, hydro, Magneto-therapy and laser therapy.

To the pain and discomfort of postoperative and posttraumatic alleviate recommend whirlpool massage and electrotherapy, and confronted the people with arthritis and degenerative arthritis relief treatment is terapuls where the supply of energy to the body with a very high frequency. During your stay in our villa Uroczysko accompany wizard that will take place at the comfort and safety during treatment care.

Rehabilitation Offer

We have a wide range of therapeutic and rehabilitation. All treatments are carried out by qualified medical personnel, with high quality modern and secure facilities. We guarantee the highest European standards at an affordable price, why we were visited by many foreign patients. We also offer medical advice in the price.

We offer a wide range of applications and research, is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Doctors perform treatments in Medical Center Aldemed. People suffering from asthma, rhinitis, upper respiratory infections, sinusitis, or hypothyroidism, we recommend that you relax in the salt cave.

Cryochamber excellent effects in the case of fatigue, changes rheumatic disorder, neurological disorders and depression and menopause. Visit also take advantage of the medicinal values of ultrasound, electrical currents and water.

Range of services:

Treatment of geriatric
The list of diseases treated

M 05

Seropositive rheumatoid arthritis

M 15


             M 45                       

Ankylosing spondylitis

Treatment of pain
The list of diseases treated

G 50

Disorders of trigeminal nerve

G 54

Nerve root and plexus disorders

M 16

Coxarthrosis [arthrosis of hip]

M 17

Gonarthrosis [arthrosis of knee]

M 47


M 50

Cervical disc disorders

Treatment of Rheumatology
The list of diseases treated

I 00-I 02  

Acute rheumatic fever

I 05-I 09  

Chronic rheumatic heart diseases

M 05-M 14

Inflammatory polyarthropathies

M 15-M 19  


M 20-M 25

Other joint disorders

M 30-M 36

Systemic connective tissue disorders

M 45-M 49


M 60-M 63

Disorders of muscles

Treatment of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
The list of diseases treated

G 54

Nerve root and plexus disorders

G 56

Mononeuropathies of upper limb

G 57

Mononeuropathies of lower limb

M 05-M 14

Inflammatory polyarthropathies

M 15-M 19


M 20-M 25

Other joint disorders

M 40-M 43

Deforming dorsopathies

M 45-M 49


M 60-M 63

Disorders of muscles

M 65-M 68

Disorders of synovium and tendon

M 80-M 85

Disorders of bone density and structure

M 86-M 90

Other osteopathies

M 91 - M 94


M 95 - M 99

Other disorders of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue

Q 65 - Q 79

Congenital malformations and deformations of the musculoskeletal system

S 10 - S 19

Injuries to the neck

S 20 - S 29

Injuries to the thorax

S 40 - S 49

Injuries to the shoulder and upper arm

S 50 - S 59

Injuries to the elbow and forearm

S 60 - S 69

Injuries to the wrist and hand

S 70 - S 79

Injuries to the hip and thigh

S 80 -S 89

Injuries to the knee and lower leg

S 90-S 99   

Injuries to the ankle and foot

T 8 - T 14

Injuries to unspecified part of trunk, limb or body region

T 90 - T98 Sequelae of injuries, of poisoning and of other consequences of external causes


Packages and Offers

For our guests we have a number of activities and special packages. During your stay you will be assistants to answer the questions and be escorted to dispel doubts about the treatments. Thanks to the cooperation with numerous partners, we offer our patients free tours. It is worthwhile to visit Bobrowniki. This is the area that offers many attractions. In this beautiful park Muzakowski in Łęknica or open-air museum in Ochla.

All services (excursions, medical care, rehabilitation and meals) are included in the price.

The rooms at the Villa Medi Tour Uroczysko

For our guests we offer double and triple rooms, has access to free Wi-Fi with TV and Internet. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom with hairdryer. In the package we also offer full board. In addition, it is possible to use consultation with a nutritionist and diet choice for diabetics; low fat, gluten free, liver, vegetarian or reducing body fat.

For the convenience of customers - Facilities

In our Uroczysku you will find peace and relaxation, combined with a variety of rehabilitation. Enable the organization of parties such as weddings, communions, kinderbale, conferences and industries. Depending on the number of guests there is a "business" (30 persons), dining room (about 40 people) and a gazebo grill (about 60 people). During the event, the whole room, terrace and gazebo, and open spaces are available for guests.

Take advantage of the many attractions in the form of a joint meeting on BBQ and bonfire, horseback riding, hiking, and fishing on the river teeming with fish Or. The price of the stay, we offer Topics Travel Lubusz sights, such as. Lagow Castle, a tower in Kożuchów or Palm House in Zielona Gora.

For our guests we offer free parking and free Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the resort. Is monitored (safety) and for persons with reduced traffic (flat terrain with polbruku path) adjusted.

Certificates, prizes and awards

In our offer Uroczysku Rest and medical treatment at the highest level, in line with European standards. We put you in the hands of well-trained medical staff whose experience confirms attended by numerous certificates and training.

Attractions in the surroundings

Stay in Bobrownikach can be a great chance to find the beauty and picturesque corners of the province. Worth a visit:

WORTH A VISIT (click here)
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Meditour Villa Uroczysko is located in the picturesque village Bobrowniki (province. Lebus) Wiśniowa 9, near oak and beech forests. Our guest house is about 17 km from the green mountains (Zielona Gora), capital of the province, and 200 km from Berlin, the German capital. The area is rich in monuments and sites.