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Orthopaedic hospital - Carolina Medical Center

Our ambition is to create an orthopaedics and sports medicine centre to the highest of standards. Doctors and medical staff at the Clinic adhere to the principle that to cure patients, a doctor must first understand them and become their advisor and protector. Only then the desired results of treatment can be achieved.

Our success is embracing the patient with holistic care, from full diagnosis, through traditional and operative treatment to rehabilitation. The close collaboration between our department specialists (who are leaders in the fields of orthopaedics, traumatology, rheumatology, neurosurgery, rehabilitation and diagnostic imaging,) guarantees the best route of treatment. Therefore, our patients return to fitness and physical activity in the fastest time possible. The Carolina Medical Center gives physicians the possibility of learning and applying the latest achievements in medicine and medical technology for the benefit of the patient.

We make it a goal of ours to ensure that the methods of treatment adopted in the Carolina Medical Center only minimally restrict the mobility of the patient. This ultimately makes the treatment more successful and also allows the patient to remain physically active and have only a limited interruption to their daily professional routine.

In order to cure patients, a doctor must first understand them and become their advisor and protector. At the Carolina Medical Center we are guided by this very principle


Apart from the tremendous number of satisfied patients we have treated, which we consider to be the best publicity of all, our specialists, who are leaders in their respective fields, have had several papers published, as well as appearing in hundreds of articles on Orthopaedics and Sports medicine. Many of them have given several public lectures on their subjects. CMC is proud of the fact that part of its medical team are also members of a long list of international sports organizations and committees. It is as a result of all this, a totally comprehensive approach to medical care and the research that goes into providing it, that we have held the Total Quality Management Certificate (ISO9001:2008) in Complex Medical Care since August 2004.


Carolina Medical Center Certificate

Medical Tourism

Info for patients from abroad. Find out why you should come to Carolina.

In the Carolina Medical Center we take care of patients from around the world. With the help of technologically advanced system for storing and sharing medical data we are able to make a remote initial assessment of the problem and propose the treatment. Our doctors speak several languages including English, German, Russian and French, they participate in medical conferences held all over the world and play important roles within Polish and world health organizations.

They also have been educated in several foreign clinics and hospitals:

  • Mayo Clinic in the USA and Apra Clinic in Antwerp (Jacek Laskowski, MD PhD)
  • Guy’s Hospital in UK, Arthrex Education Center in the USA (Michał Drwięga, MD)
  • Harvard Medical School, Boston (USA), Joao Pessoa and Sao Jose do Rio Preto (Brazil) (Urszula Zdanowicz, MD)
  • Haddasah Hospital in Ein Karem in Jerusalem, Israel (Artur Zaczyński, MD)
  • the University Hospital of Grenoble in France (Beata Ciszkowska-Łysoń, MD PhD)
Our Services

Medical Consultations

We aim to provide our patients with the most professional level of care as they begin the journey to recovery and full health. For this purpose we have created centres of expertise within the hospital, bringing together teams of doctors whose knowledge and experience focus on particular medical specializations and specific injuries and ailments of the parts of the human body.

At the Carolina Medical Center you can make an appointment with specialists from various fields:

  • children and adults orthopaedics and traumatology
  • Consultation in Carolina Medical Centersports traumatology
  • rheumatology
  • neurosurgery
  • general and vascular surgery
  • haematology
  • neurology
  • anaesthesiology
  • children and youths sports certification

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic tests, in addition to a clinical trial and interview, form the background to discovering the cause of the patient’s complaint. A diagnostic imaging examination will be conducted by competent and experienced staff using a new generation of diagnostic tools.

The Carolina Medical Center’s Diagnostic Imaging Centre is run by doctors specializing in radiology, ultrasound, magnetic resonance and scintigraphy. Their main focus is to broaden the understanding and diagnostic imaging of the motor organs.

The combination of  knowledge and experience and the close cooperation between the diagnostic technicians, the histopathology specialists and the clinicians from the orthopaedic-rehabilitation clinic, results in the diagnostic services at the Carolina Medical Center being of the highest possible standard.
The Carolina Medical Center’s Diagnostic Imaging Centre performs the following tests:

  • Ultrasound
  • X-Ray
  • Magnetic resonance
  • Computed tomography (3D)

Diagnostic in Carolina Medical CenterOur doctors participate in conferences, symposia and courses, both national and international, continuously improving their skills. The Carolina Medical Center allocates part of its financial resources to training for doctors and for the purchase of the latest reference materials and professional journals which are essential in these clinicians’ daily work to stay on the cutting edge of their fields. Owing to a comprehensive approach and the most modern diagnostic tests and methods, our patients are able to return to full fitness and physical activity much faster than would have otherwise been possible.

Operations and Operating Theatres

We boast the most modern operating ward in Europe. We have got four operating theatres, each equipped with a special octagonal laminar air conditioning system which protects not only the patient but the medical staff as well from bacteria during the operation. With continuous flow of sterile air over the operated patient and operating doctors a perfect protection against infection is assured during surgery.

There are only four such systems in Europe and ours is the first and only in Poland. Since its beginning, Carolina Medical Center confronts its knowledge and actions with leading orthopedic clinics not only in Poland but also from Germany, Switzerland and France, where our doctors gained their experience.

We perform a wide range of operations, amongst all:

  • Joints’ arthroscopy (knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist)

    Operations in Carolina Medical Center

  • Alloplasty (among other, first in Europe ankle joint alloplasty InBone; first in Poland BHR)
  • Neurosurgery of spine
  • Hip, knee, shoulder replacement
  • Ankle joint stabilisation


The Carolina Medical Center’s hospital is located on the 4th floor. There are 30 comfortable single and double bedrooms. The duration of stay in the hospital depends on the degree of treatment complexity and on the doctor's orders. The average stay is usually 1 - 2 days.


Physical therapy (also physiotherapy) is a health profession that assesses and provides treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life. This includes providing treatment in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. It is one of the fields of contemporary medicine which develops dynamically as a result of scientific and technological progress. As a consequence, the majority of physiotherapeutic techniques came into existence only in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Moving forward, technological advances with equipment (among others the application of laser, ultrasound, electromagnetic field, UV rays and IR, and electric current treatment) meant that physiotherapists had more information at their fingertips so as to apply tailor made rehabilitation techniques. At present, physiotherapy is a procedure which includes a lot of rehabilitative actions, amongst others: kinesitherapy, massage and physical treatment.

The primary aim of physiotherapy treatment is to suppress pathological signs and their after-effects, to prevent diseases and to restore the patient’s fitness.


PHYSIOTHERAPY AT THE CAROLINA MEDICAL CENTERThe Carolina Medical Center offers individual physiotherapeutic programs following the highest international standards. Our competent and experienced physiotherapy unit staff  are required to constantly improve their qualifications and to develop their scientific expertise; to stay current with the latest in scientific breakthroughs; to participate in congresses and conferences and to take part in international internships. As part of their cooperation with the Polish Sports Traumas Association (PTTS), our physiotherapists act as academic teachers within the field of orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation.

We specialize in the rehabilitation of patients with sports related traumas and those who have undergone orthopedic operations. We provide specific rehabilitation for athletes, specifically tailored to meet the demands of the professional sportsman or woman.

As part of the agreement between the Carolina Medical Center and the Polish Olympic Committee (PKOl) our medical staff will be taking care of the Polish Olympic Team during the London 2012 Olympics and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.


  • hand, elbow joint and shoulder
  • knee and hip joints
  • foot, ankle joint, Achilles tendon 
  • spine
  • soft tissue


Kinesitherapy: exercises: passive, assisted, active, with resistance, proprioception, stabilizing; also: stretching, chiropractic, kinesi-taping, Master Therapy, mobilization of tissues
: classical, lymphatic, connective tissue
physical treatment
: electrostimulation, ultrasound, iontophoresis, TENS, cryotherapy, laser;
as well as functional sports training

A physiotherapeutic class lasts for 60 minutes. The first meeting is held individually with the physiotherapist, the next — with a maximum of 2 patients. Modern operating procedures and up-to-date equipment enable us to commence treatment directly after the operation has been completed.

One of the Carolina Medical Center’s key efficiency factors is the permanent Doctor supervision during the whole process of rehabilitation and his or her close cooperation with the physiotherapeutic team to see that the patient receives the utmost care. During regular meetings, every patient’s therapy and progress is discussed. Consequently, recovery time is shortened to a minimum.

The physiotherapy Warsaw department also closely cooperates with the Diagnostic Centre for Physical Movement and Function, in which body functioning tests are conducted (so far applied to the evaluation of the strength potential of athletes and the possibilities of improving their training). The information from these tests is used to diagnose motor organ overloading effects and also for the assessment of rehabilitation effectiveness and possible alterations of the treatment program.

The physiotherapy room is about 530 square metres (5 705 square feet) in size and is equipped with the most modern tools for treatment and sports training, amongst these: a balance platform with biofeedback; a Red Cord system for joint stabilization and sports rehabilitation; a Power Plate; equipment for functional and forcible training and equipment for physical treatment.

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