Malinowy Zdrój Hotel**** Medical SPA

Leśna 7
28-100 Solec Zdrój
tel.: +48 41 370 40 00
fax: +48 41 370 40 13

About Malinowy Zdrój Hotel Medical SPA

A modern exclusive Hotel****, housing the Rehabilitation & Biological "Fitness Malinowy Zdrój SPA" opened in November 2005. This is Poland’s first hotel to have been granted the German Medical Wellness certificate acknowledging the European standard of hotel, cosmetic and therapeutic services it provides. The Hotel is situated in a charming psa locality of Solec-Zdrój, 90 km away from Krakow, by the road heading for Sandomierz, or 70 km off Kielce, by the route to Tarnów. Apart from the magnificent landscape and a unique spa-resort natural environment, not affected by industry, visitors to Solec are attracted by the venue’s specific microclimate with remarkable solar exposure and low precipitation over the year. ‘Malinowy Zdrój’ Hotel offers a total of 105 comfortable suites, each being equipped with a bathroom, balcony, telephone set and free internet access facility, a safe and digital TV. Extensive treatment, rehabilitation-cosmetic and recreational/sports infrastructure is available at Hotel building. The Zdrojowy Park and Solecki Bay, and forests abundant with mushrooms, form its closest surroundings.

The major wealth of Solec-Zdrój and Malinowy Zdrój’ Hotel is the enormously valuable chloride-iodide-sodium-bromide-sulphide brine, simply referred to as ‘sulphide water’. High concentration of sulphur and high mineralization cause this therapeutic water to be the strongest in its category the world over. Its high therapeutic value is made use of primarily in ailments affecting motion organs, rheumatic and orthopaedic/traumatic affections as well as skin illnesses.

Therapeutic packages

At the Malinowy Zdrój Rehabilitation Centre, you will be taken care of by specialists in the areas of balneology, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy.

As part of the therapeutic process, we apply classical balneological procedures such as: sulphide baths, using concentrations matched individually with the patient; peat-suspension or carbonic-acid baths; peat packing, complemented by hydrotherapy, kinesitherapy and physicotherapy treatments as well as various forms of massage. This comprehensive medicinal approach gives the best results in rehabilitation, treatment of chronic illnesses and prophylaxis. Types and parameters of treatment procedure are matched on an individual basis with each patient, which ensures achievement of long-lasting therapeutic effects. There is also an option to combine a treatment programme with cosmetics and biological fitness. We treat the following ailments:

  • degenerative hip/knee-joint and spinal-column ailments
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • psoriatic arthropathy
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • discopathies
  • fibromyalgias
  • osteoporosis
  • ischaemic lower-limb disease
  • skin diseases: psoriasis, seborrhoea, burn/surgery scars
  • neurological diseases: sciatic/humeral neuralgias, pareses
  • diabetes-related complications: angopathies, neuropathies
  • traumatic motion-organ conditions, resultant from: fracture, dislocation, sport injuries, aching shoulder, tennis elbow
  • gynaecological ailments (mycotic infections, climacterium-related troubles)
  • vegetative neuroses

The procedures are selected during your consultation session with the specialist soon after you have arrived at Malinowy Zdrój, conditional upon:

  • type of ailment
  • patient’s current condition
  • any discomforts, troubles
  • accompanying ailments
  • patient’s health record
  • medicines being applied
  • patient’s age
  • duration of ailment to be cured,

Any procedures not requiring consultation with a physician and ones without any contraindications are applied as your Dear Guest may wish.

In our therapeutic procedures, we apply:

  • natural raw-materials: sulphur brine, peat
  • kinesitherapy: individual, group, swimming-pool exercise
  • physicotherapy, phototherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasonotherapy, magnetic field
  • massages: classical, vibratory, mechanical, underwater, special
  • thermotherapy: sauna, cryotherapy – overall and local.


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