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30-418 Cracow
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Information about Zakopianka Dental Center

Centrum Stomatologii Zakopianka (Zakopianka Dental Center) is a modern Cracow clinic operating on the market since as early as 2010. Our patients are provided with guaranteed high quality services thanks to our highly qualified medical personnel, modern technology, dental care equipment and comprehensive dental treatment plans.

While cooperating with experts in many fields we can help treat and solve practically any dental problem. We offer both conservative treatment and a range of procedures related to cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, dental surgery and even sports dentistry. We also specialize in endodontics (treatment with the use of a microscope), prosthetics and implantology (Dentium, Dentsply, Astra).

We offer a free consultation to establish individual treatment plans tailored to our patients' specific needs and capabilities. The main advantage is our outstanding efficiency. Our abilities and the quality of the materials used are highly reliable, therefore the dental services provided are under warranty. We have made every effort to ensure that your visit in our clinic is comfortable and pleasant. Enjoyable atmosphere and cozy clinic interiors help all our patients feel safe and comfortable.

Modern equipment and facilities

Our clinic is equipped with innovative devices that allow for a safe, precise and – most importantly – successful dental treatment. High quality facilities make convenient working conditions for the medical professionals and comfortable environment for our patients. We use the following facilities:

  • Professional dentist's work station – The place of our physicians' work is a comfortable adjustable seat and a multimedia system, x-ray device and advanced system of communication between all departments.
  • X-ray equipment – We have a digital radiological diagnostic system to take photos of any aspect during surgery without the need to move around.
  • Endodontic systems and a microscope – With these we can precisely locate, develop and fill in any root canal. These devices are indispensable during endodontic treatment.
  • Surgical and implantation micro-engines – These are small computers to enhance precision and increase the safety during the procedure of placing an implant in the bone.
  • Sterilization system – The STATIM autoclave we use, the central sterilization room and a special chair with its own disinfection system ensure that all dental treatments are performed with the use of completely disinfected tools.

Facilities for patients

  • Free dental consultation.
  • Warranty – As we apply best quality dental materials, proven treatment methods, accurate high quality procedures, our treatments are under warranty (1.5-year warranty for light-cured fillings, 3-year warranty for porcelain fillings, 10-year warranty for implants, and a lifetime warranty for implants by ASTRA and ANKYLOS).
  • Comprehensive treatment – Our physicians specialize in various fields of dentistry and the equipment they use is versatile.
  • Individual approach – Each patient is treated in a special way; we carefully develop individual and optimal treatment plans carried out by specialists.
  • Comfortable interiors – You will wait for your visit in a spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned waiting room with a comfortable sofa and TV display.
  • We accept pay card transactions.
  • Free parking space – You can park your car with no problems.
  • We accept the Allianz and Medica Polska policies.
  • PAYBACK Bonus Program.
Treatments and price-list of procedures

Zakopianka Dental Center provides all our patients with comprehensive care and dental treatments using the best dental materials. For implant treatments we use the highest quality implants by reputable companies: Astra, Dentsply and Dentium. We also offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments: teeth whitening with the Beyond lamp, veneers, various types of crowns and bridges, and many others.

Dental consultation
 free of charge
Cavity fillings  
Light-cured (photocured) composite fillings from 140 to 230 PLN
Broken tooth restoration from 150 to 450 PLN
Tooth reshaping from 150 to 450 PLN

Consultation with dental implantologist
100 PLN
Dentium implant 2 400 PLN
Dentsply Friadent implant 2 800 PLN
Astra Tech implant 2 800 PLN
All-ceramic crown on implant from 2 500 PLN
Porcelain crown (on metal / titanium base) on implant from 2 500 PLN

Oral surgery consultation
100 PLN
Single-rooted tooth extraction
from 250 to 350 PLN
Multiradicular tooth extraction from 250 to 350 PLN
Eighth tooth extraction from 250 to 400 PLN
Unerupted tooth extraction from 400 to 550 PLN
from 300 to 350 PLN
Radectomy from 200 to 250 PLN
Resection in single-rooted tooth 350 PLN
Resection in multiradicular tooth 600 PLN
Enucleation of a cyst from 200 to 350 PLN
Incision of an abscess 200 PLN
Closure of oroantral communication from 250 to 350 PLN
Lingual frenectomy 150 PLN
Suturing 40 PLN

Root canal treatment of a single-rooted tooth without a microscope
200 PLN
Root canal treatment of a double-rooted tooth without a microscope
350 PLN
Root canal treatment of a triple/quadruple-rooted tooth without a microscope
from 450 to 650 PLN
Microscope-aided root canal treatment of a single-rooted tooth     
550 PLN
Microscope-aided root canal treatment of a double-rooted tooth 
900 PLN
Microscope-aided root canal treatment of a triple/quadruple-rooted tooth
from 950 to 1200PLN
Repeat root canal treatment without a microscope
from 300 to 750 PLN
Repeat root canal treatment under a microscope 
from 550 to 1600PLN
Removal of broken tool from canal from 200 to 300 PLN

Teeth whitening using a lamp - single visit
1 150 PLN
Necrotic tooth whitening 80 PLN
Treatment to eliminate hypersensitivity after teeth whitening 60 PLN

Tartar removal with ultrasonic scaler
from 120 to 130 PLN
Scaling + sandblasting + fluorization from 360 PLN
Sandblasting from 120 to 130 PLN
Fluorization 120 PLN
Sealing of fissures 60 PLN

Orthodontic consultation
100 PLN
Single/double impression 160 PLN
Fixed orthodontic appliances

Fixed metal orthodontic appliance (1 arch) 1 800 PLN
Fixed porcelain orthodontic appliance (1 arch) 2 600 PLN
Fixed crystal orthodontic appliance (1 arch) 2 900 PLN
Fixed orthodontic appliance check-up from 120 to 150 PLN
Removal of fixed orthodontic appliance 200 PLN
Follow up impression models after fixed orthodontic appliance removal 100 PLN
Retention plate 450 PLN
Retainer 350 PLN
Removable functional and active orthodontic appliances
Removable orthodontic appliance repair from 100 to 200 PLN
Follow up visit with removable orthodontic appliance 100 PLN

Prosthetic consultation
100 PLN
Porcelain veneer 1 200 PLN
Porcelain inlay/onlay
850 PLN
Composite inlay/onlay
650 PLN
Porcelain all-ceramic crown 1 500 PLN
Porcelain crown on underlying metal structure 800 PLN
Porcelain crown on underlying zirconium oxide structure from 1 500 PLN
Crown removal 150 PLN
Cast metal post and core from 350 to 400 PLN
Fibreglass post and core from 450 PLN
Removal of old dental post and core restoration 200 PLN
Complete acrylic dentures - tissue-borne (top or bottom)
from 1000 PLN
Complete nylon dentures from 1000 PLN
Partial acrylic dentures from 300 to 500 PLN
Metal frame denture from 1500 to 2000 
Addition of one tooth to denture 100 PLN
Element strengthening denture plate (net, arch) 150 PLN
Denture relining 300 PLN
Replacement of latch matrix in denture 250 PLN
Denture repair from 70 PLN
Dental examination - imaging

Tooth X-ray 
25 PLN
Panoramic X-ray 60 PLN


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