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Located just 3 km from the center of Augustów, in the area called the "Green Lungs of Poland,” the Augustów Sanatorium Resort is the only Spa of this kind in the Podlasie Province. While staying with us, you have an opportunity to enjoy numerous treatments that will make you feel better. Our long-time experience, professional staff and a wide range of services translate into the satisfaction of our patients and guests. Suffice it to say that in 2011 we were voted the best motor organs rehabilitation facility in Poland.

The friendly atmosphere of the spa located in a pine forest, in the vicinity of a lake, will help you regain your physical fitness in no time. The modern, four-storey resort building is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. We can ensure you that staying with us will bring relief to your mind and body.

Satisfaction of our guests is our priority, therefore, we have a well-equipped Natural Medicine Facility offering a variety of treatments, including:  hydrotherapy, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, kinetic therapy, cryotherapy, phototherapy, as well as inhalation treatments and massages. Our spa specializes in the treatment of:

  • orthopedic diseases and injuries
  • rheumatic diseasesperipheral
  • vascular diseasesosteoporosis
  • as well as in strengthening the body’s immune system.

Our patients are attended to by doctors with many years of experience in spa treatment, and additional medical personnel available 24 hours per day.  Each patient is provided with individual therapy guaranteeing the best possible results. 

  • 1st degree orthopedist
  • 1st and 2nd degree orthopedist – traumatology specialist
  • 2nd degree medical rehabilitation
  • physical medicine balneologist
  • medical doctor – a general surgery specialist
  • clinical psychologist
  • a nurse with a degree in nursing
  • 2nd degree physiotherapist
  • MSc Physiotherapy
  • physiotherapy technicians
  • licensed nurses

The Augustów Sanatorium Resort offers comfortable and diverse accommodation that meets the expectations of even the most demanding guests. The whole hotel is accessible by disabled people. We put at your disposal 73 fully equipped rooms – Standard or Deluxe, which can be used as single, double, or triple rooms, as well as Studio rooms. All rooms have a balcony overlooking the lake or the park. Each room, regardless of the category, is equipped with:

  • a bathroom with shower
  • an LCD TV
  • a radio
  • a telephone
  • Wi-Fi
  • a balcony

Our spa features a restaurant and a pub. The restaurant every day serves delicious and healthy meals made from local produce. In the intimate setting of the “Nad Jeziorem” cafe (“On the Lake”) you can enjoy traditional Polish dishes and drinks. Our cafe attracts our guest not only by its delicious menu, but also by the stunning views that can be admired from a closed and an open terrace. The Café offers breakfasts, dinners,  salads, desserts and drinks. The specialty of its menu are Kartacze, large potato dumplings staffed with meat. Almost every evening we offer special attractions to our guests, e.g. dances with live bands, karaoke etc.

The menu is supervised by qualified nutritionists and experienced chefs. We place great emphasis on a healthy and balanced diet and adjust it to the needs of every guest. The tasty and varied menu is dominated by Polish dishes. You can also adjust your diet to your individual preferences, depending in your health or doctor’s recommendations. We offer a wide range of specialized menus that meet special dietary requirements. We serve dishes adjusted to:

  • the gluten-free diet
  • the low-cholesterol diet
  • the gout diet
  • the diabetic diet
  • the diet for people suffering from stomach and liver ailments

Our menus are prepared following consultations with a certified nutritionist and are complementary to our treatments.

After you’ve completed your treatments for the day, you can check out our additional attractions as well as possibility of active leisure. In addition, the Spa resort organizes trips (e.g. to Lithuania) and many other events.



  • Balneology
    • Peloid therapy
    • Pearl bath
    • Pearl bath with ozone
    • Inhalation of brine and medicines
  • Kinetic therapy
    • Cykloergometer
    • Rotor
    • Stepper
    • Others


  • Hydrotherapy
    • Jet water stream massage
    • Whirl massage
  • Physiotherapy
    • Classic massage
    • Aquavibron massage
    • Diadynamic therapy
    • Phonophoresis
    • Galvanic treatment
    • Ionophoresis
    • Magnetotherapy and magnetostimulation
    • Interferential currents (Tens, Trebert, Kotz)
    • Solux
    • Terapulse
    • Tonolysis
    • Traction of the spine


  • Cryotherapy
    • Systemic cryotherapy in a cryo chamber
    • Other



We offer special health packages. Taking into account the needs of our patients, we have developed specific programs that provide effective help in the treatment of common ailments. They are designed to make our patients fitter and are tailored to their age.



This package is addressed to persons suffering from persistent spine pain. The modern lifestyle, sedentary work and lack of exercise are just some of the reasons for the emergence of this problem. It is especially for those people that we have prepared a 5-day treatment (22 treatments) program aimed at regenerating the overloaded spine.

The 4-day package

The package is inclusive of:

  • 4 days with full board (4 nights)
  • 5 x phisical treatment
  • 5 x gymnastics (or 5 x other treatment from tratments offer)
  • 4 x pearl bath with chromatotherapy and aromatherapy
  • 4 x classical massage (20 minutes)
  • 4 x Nordic Walking

Package price:

Rooms Dates
Double Standard/per person
PLN 750
PLN 850
Triple Standard /per person PLN 550
PLN 650
Double Deluxe /per person PLN 950
PLN 950

The price is inclusive of medical consultation.
Patients have specialists from different areas of medicine at their disposal.



This 8-days package is ideal for people who want to recover from cold or infection. Standard medical treatments are enriched with daily sports activities aimed at improving your physical fitness.

The price of the package is:


Person in 3- persons room Standard

Person in 2- persons room Standard Person in 2- persons room Deluxe

03.01- 29.04.2014
21.09- 22.12.2014

790 zł 950 zł 1 550 zł

30.04- 20.09.2014
23.12- 02.01.2015

1 100 zł 1 250 zł 1 550 zł

The package is inclusive of:

  • 8 nights in a Standard or Deluxe room (8-days)
  • full board
  • Individual board consulted with a nutritionist
  • medical examination
  • medical care
  • 21 treatments (after consulting a doctor you can choose cryotherapy)
  • 4 x Nordic walking, walking down the boulevards around lake Necko
  • 3 x morning gymnastics


It is addressed to people suffering from bone tissue disorders, and thus susceptible to bone fractures. The stay lasts as many as 9 days, which is a sufficient time to achieve the expected results through the application of our treatments. The 9 days package include a series of 29 treatments combining the beneficial properties of the magnetic field, kinetic therapy and laser light stimulation.

The package is inclusive of:

  • 9 days with full board (9 nights)
  • 5 x phisical treatment from treatments offer
  • 3 x peat wraps
  • 2 x jacuzzi pearl bath
  • 8 x kinetic tharapy
  • 3 x relaxing massage
  • 5 x magnetoteraphy or laser therapy (a medical recomendation)
  • 3 x Nordic Walking

Package prices:

Rooms Dates
Double Standard/per person
PLN 1200 PLN 1600
Triple Standard/per person
PLN 1000 PLN 1400
Double Deluxe/per person
PLN 1775
PLN 1775

The price is inclusive of medical consultation.
Patients have specialist from different areas of medicine to their disposal.

In the end of the stay we will give you:

  • extract from the recommendation of the doctos
  • individual dietary recommendation
  • pledge of exercise to continue treatment in home



*Stays begin with dinner on the day of arrival and end with breakfast on the day of departure.
*A spa tax resulting from the decree of the Mayor of Augustów is PLN 3 per day.
*The fee for a parking place is PLN 2 per day.

Reservations and answers to all questions will provide Marketing Department and Recepcion:
Phone: 0048 506 299 828  ,  0048 87 643 28 71 (406, 400);

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