Gyncentrum – Infertility Treatment Clinic

Żelazna 1
40-851 Katowice

Tel.: 0048 32 359 09 32
Tel.: 0048 608 767 231

Our friendly staff is available from Monday to Saturday.
In exceptional cases, also on Sundays & holidays.


For nearly 20 years we have been helping those couples whose health problems prevent the realization of happy parenthood. Using the latest diagnostic techniques, we try to find the appropriate treatment program, suitable for each given patient…

Doctors who will take care of you are widely recognized specialists with knowledge and experience gained during long-term work with patients. Our staff regularly take part in research on new ways to treat infertility.
In both of our clinics the medical staff  caring for you during the treatment, provides effective treatment and a sense of security and comfort.

Our clinic is a place where you will find a unique combination of experience and expertise with innovation and implementation of the latest methods – all this to help you build a family.

A well-equipped modern laboratory allowing us to carry out a wide range of medical examinations, diagnostic equipment, the latest generation of ultrasound apparatus certainly help in our strive to achieve this goal. Gyncentrum Clinic is the only clinic in southern Poland that performs a number of specialized immunological studies.


All Patients are offered free consultation with our specialist before making a decision about treatment.

  • We offer IVF -IMSI with egg/sperm donation procedure
  • In order to achieve the best embroy implantation results we offer EmbryoGlue, EmbryoGen & Assisted Hatching
  • We perform examination of sperm DNA fragmentation
  • We offer embryos & oocytes vitrification
  • We are able to provide an accommodation, if necessary
  • Happy parents are our best recommendation.

Features distinguishing GYNCENTRUM:

  • Warm, family atmosphere
  • We have implemented PICSI as the first in Poland
  • We are the only clinic in Silesia that has a computerized semen analysis CASA
  • We are the only one in southern Poland that perform Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis – PGD
  • As the first clinic in Poland we have implemented round-the-clock monitoring of embryos
  • We have been helping patients since 1995
  • We use the latest techniques of IMSI method and a verification of oocytes and embryos
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Gyncentrum – Infertility Treatment Clinic
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